Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6

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This was pretty much a filler episode with dose of fanservice  and cuteness overload (Ai was the cutest one of all in her Cardcaptor Sakura-like outfit), but also more importantly: they are all idiots. Every. Single. One of them. I knew the minute we saw them in their performance get up that they wouldn’t have a plan to take it down after they performed (which was admittedly was fun to way despite their idiocy and I was convinced that Mirai was lip synching so that she could conceal her horrible voice- but apparently she learned how to sing). Basically the only way to deal with the Fruit Youmu (that is worth 500 000 yen) is to have pretty girls grab it’s attention because it is a pervert and/or sing and dance to grab it’s attention so that it will lower it’s guard to be vulnerable to be killed in one go. But in the end, in the end, they lost by a landslide of  5 (Youmu) – 0 (Literary Club) and a result stink like hell.
Although it was hilarious, it was ultimately a pointless episode that doesn’t move the plot forward so there isn’t really much to talk about besides how Akihito and Hiromi are the top two idiots of the entire fall season whenever each of their personal fetish’s getting the better of them. Thankfully they don’t get by without being punished by either Mirai or Mitsuki, who both always have some sort of sweet revenge against both boys.
Mitsuki however we did see a different of her her revealing that she likes to perform and was really fired up by the idea. We also saw that Mirai doesn’t particularly like that genre, or she’s too embarrassed to sing it. But for both, I hardly take it seriously since I don’t know whether this episode is actual canon material from the light novel itself, or just an anime filler episode.
So that’s about it! At least next week we will be seeing Sakura and her backstory so it should be far more interesting than this goofy episode.

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  1. Too much silly! Complete with a rousing speech of determination in the group(ish) shower scene and a training montage during the performance. So over the top. Too much for me.

    1. Definietly over the top. The performance at least was fun to watch- typical Kyoto Animation, taking every opportunity they have to throw in a dance/singing scene! XD

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