Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7

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Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 7 Img 0042It was a bittersweet episode this week with some very interesting information tidbits relating to what’s about to unfold. We learned today that Inari Sakura never possessed supernatural abilities so she could never become a Spirit World Warrior. She was given a weapon by Miroku Fujima under the conditions she can keep it as long she kills off Mirai. Which brings me to what I had come to realize back a few days after episode four had aired. Izumi was a red-herring, her purpose for hiding the Hollow Shadow turns out to be extremely crucial since Miroku is not only trying to have Mirai assassinated, but also get ahold of the Hollow Shadow. So now, to me it looks like the Nase Family is actually not only protecting Akihito, but Mirai as well from the Spirit Society. It’s clear at this point he is definitely a villain, but we don’t know exactly what or rather how he plans to use the Hollow Shadow (we all knew THAT story wasn’t just done yet) besides perhaps feeding it to this weapon he had given Sakura to use and how Akihito may come into play with this (since he had his eyes on him in particular back in episode five).
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 7 Img 0043It that isn’t a big enough problem, we have two more uninvited guests and that’s the arrival of “The Calm” which is a stagnate of time (which is something Mitsuki may had actually seen when the Hollow Shadow was being dealt with) and there there’s “Beyond the Boundary”. It’s hard to pin point whether Izumi is shocked that both are coming to town, or perhaps it delighted, but either way shit is going to hit the fan soon, perhaps the prelude will take place at the end of next week’e episode (actually what the hell there’s only six episodes left, where did the time go?!). Anyhow, I am especially glad to see the plot progressing after last week’s nonsense episode (which only really explained why Mirai is obsessed with her Bonsai). I eagerly await for the big fight! Oh wait, now that I actually mentioned the Bonsai, I did notice the symbolism of the branch breaking off and Mirai attaching it back on again with a string. It wasn’t just because it was going to throw the thing off balance, but it was a symbolism of how Mirai and Sakura were going to going to reconnect and mend their severed bond.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 7 Img 0032At this point, I think it is pretty darn clear that Miroku entrusted the mysterious weapon to Sakura to do only one job: Feed the Weapon with Youmu Stones. But of course he didn’t tell her that, instead he gave her, a Human, by providing an opportunity to have wield a supernatural weapon that could be used to kill a Spirit World Warrior… or so he claims. I do have my doubts since as Hiromi had mentioned if a Human were to wield that weapon, eventually they would be devoured by it- which was exactly what ended up happening. Miroku clearly took advantage of Sakura’s grief and manipulated her to take the path of revenge. It’s up in the air whether it would be killing two birds with one stone on Miroku’s part if Mirai had been killed in the progress. We don’t know whether she is considered a major threat to him or not.
But at the same time, we don’t know exactly when Sakura shifted her grief to revenge and how long she has strayed off path. When Yui had died, it looked like she wasn’t holding it against Mirai. I mean if she were, I don’t think she would have offered her a sandwich while the two of them were grieving, let alone sit by her side. It was interesting how she spoke about the bells, how while she was on the path of revenge the bell’s memories lost its home, and once she and Mirai made up with each other, she was able to find her way home which is with Mirai since she was the one to help her to do. So if anything, I think Miroku had merely encountered her, taken ahold of the opportunity when she was lost and confused and was gradually straying off her path and manipulated her into that path of revenge.
Last note: JFC, Hiromi you are insane, putting Mitsuki’s face on HND48 ‘s CD covers and then sending her resume to HND48? Good gracious, poor Mitsuki. At least she has creative ways of revenge such as destroying his HND48 CDs and replaced it with Yaoi-Drama CDs (which appears to be something he doesn’t particularly mind- no surprise there since he likes to be all touchy with Akihito anyways).

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