Diabolik Lovers [Episode 12 & Final Impression]

DiabLo 4Richter refuses to die! At least for right now until he can get to something…or someone. He walks down an underground path to find a room where the remains of Cordelia’s dress is. Meanwhile, the boys are in the upper room, trying to find a way how they can get rid of Cordelia’s spirit(?) before Yui awakens. Cordelia must have been a real antagonist to make them all loathe her so much – even the ones who weren’t her children.

DiabLo 2Reiji takes to his lab and comes up with an unfinished exorcism potion that’s supposed to exorcise Cordelia’s spirit/soul(??) from Yui’s body. But he needs one more item. Kanato rips teddy’s head off and removes a blue vial from all the stuffing and gives it to Kanato. Maybe it’s some DNA (Chemical X). Reiji adds it to the concoction and the liquid becomes blue and Ayato takes some in his mouth and kisses Yui, giving it to her.

DiabLo 3Meanwhile, Raito finds Richter and tells him that it’s all over, that both Richter and Cordelia will no longer hold the reins of their lives. He then takes out a lamp and throws it near Richter, whose blood must be like some kerosene because the place quickly goes up in flames, burning Cordelia’s frock. Richter is glaring at Raito, who walks away and closes the door on him. So we know how Richter dies.

Yui wakes up after Ayato kisses her with the potion and she looks around, seeing everybody there and is relieved that they’re all okay. They are relieved too AND KANATO SMILED!! It didn’t look creepy it all either.

DiabLo 5The episode ends with Yui saying that. Is that some cliffhanger? Because she should have said that she’s hungry instead of thirst. But probably she’s really parched, after all that mess, she must be dehydrated. Go get yourself some water, honey.

Final Impression:

What do I have to say about this? I’m glad it’s over!! I’m so happy and do you know why? Because Diabolik Lovers made me NOT want to watch anime anymore. It was THAT bad for me. I became so physically and mentally tired with the series that I just could not be bothered to watch it or anything else for that matter. Usually, no matter how much I end up loathing a reverse harem series, I still like it enough to say “You know, it actually wasn’t that bad.”

But this was just too much. Nothing was making sense (for the first few episodes) and Yui was submitting herself to everything that went on around her – my gripe is not with her though, so I don’t really care about that. To me, and also from what I remember a person saying in the comments in one of my previous D.L reviews, the anime followed the triplet’s route. That’s okay and everything and I got that idea but honestly, Diabolik Lovers made no sense to me.

It was just feeding from Yui, random flashback sequence, feeding from Yui then the big plot twist with Cordelia. I did have some expectations while watching the first few episodes. They introduced so many side stories to the series but did nothing with them. Subaru’s mother in the tower: what happened to her? Did she ever get out?. Shu’s friend Edgar (from the flashback scene): what had happened? Is that some reason why he loathes his mother? Reiji and the dysfunctional relationship he had with his mother. It didn’t have much focus in the beginning and it was garbage. Episodes 9 to 12 were good. One through to eight was unnecessary with the exception of the flashback scenes. Even the diary. What was the significance of that? I don’t even remember.

I just couldn’t enjoy this series nor appreciate anything it (that and the sucking scenes annoyed the hell out of me).

I give Diabolik Lovers a 4/10.

Everything was pretty average to me. I didn’t like the OP/ED themes. The art and animation were okay, nothing spectacular (pretty boys and men, pretty girl and women. Meh). I did love the eyes designs though but otherwise, nothing stuck with me. I’m just happy it’s over.

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  1. I remember watching the first episode of this show and thinking, ‘ooh, a little cheesy but this might be good!” because I like a little horror thriller now and again…too bad it was all down hill from there. The whole show was just Yui mopes> gets fed on> drowns> gets fed on> mopes> gets fed on> gets a knife> gets fed on> mopes> gets possessed by Cordelia> drowns> gets possessed by Cordelia FOR REAL> no she doesn’t> stabs herself> dies> wakes up as a vampire? The end.

    And unlike others, I didn’t even find the character designs to be attractive (Yui was cute, but I wanted to chop off that stupid strand of hair sticking out thanks to her hair decorations). Art always seemed sloppy and boring…and the characters themselves were blah to the max, even the crazy ones. Maybe my opinion of them was hampered a little bit how utterly douchey they all were, but still.

    I sincerely hope the next otome game-to-anime adaption fares better (come on Japan, just make another Hakuoki anime based on the new game, jeez!!)

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