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Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 10 Img 0020This week we were able to see all of Mirai’s and most of Izumi’s scenes that had happened all off screen up till now. For most part my speculations from last week was right, but I certainly didn’t think Mirai was going to have access to have an audience with the elderly man whom I’m assuming the head of the Nase Clan, nor did I think she knew specifically that Akihito’s youmu was the Beyond the Boundary. It is still in the air what they mean by ‘killing’ Akihito, be it a dead man or killing him him to reap the rewards. We didn’t see Miroku today either since it was entirely focused on explaining Mirai’s choices and actions up till now and how her relationship with Akihito changed her. Now that she’s the one who is possessing the youmu, I’m going to assume that they are simply going to target her to kill her. Of course Mirai is no where to be seen except for in that other “Wintery World” as I call it that is probably what Akihito sees in the sky.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 10 Img 0017Mirai had decided to sacrifice herself so that Akihito wouldn’t have to be killed. While she isn’t actually dead yet, she is trapped in another dimension/space in a sense because she has been possessed by the Beyond the Boundary youmu that was previously a part of Akihito. She is currently hunting it down in a much similar circumstances as she had during the Hollow Shadow fight.
Despite the fact I figured out right of the bat that Akihito was dreaming a summer world which contrasts Mirai’s winter world, it was confusing to figure out whether the Winter World was the the reality or not. Turns out it’s not, and the reality is that it’s actually autumn and Mirai had disappeared along with the youmu.
That’s all I’m going to say for this week’s episode. It wasn’t heavy in vital information and clues like last week as oppose to getting some great answers/confirmations this week. I certainly wasn’t expecting having the youmu possess another person (in this case Mirai), so that was a nice twist. I’m looking forward to the action leading up to the grand conclusion and to find out whether Izumi really wants Akihito dead, or just wants the Beyound the Boundary stone for the Nase Clan own means. I am also curious to see how Akihito will be faring since he has no abilities without going all youmu on everyone- which he doesn’t have anymore.


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  1. mangaka-chan

    I actually liked this episode a lot more than last week’s action-packed episode. It’s nice to see things happening in the background finally coming to light, and the character development has more impact knowing that Mirai had targeted Akihito as Beyond the Boundary from the very beginning, and yet she still couldn’t help getting close to him and ultimately falling in love with him.
    What I’m curious about is now that Beyond the Boundary has left Akihito’s body if he’s still immortal once the Calm is over. Since he can see the core of Beyond the Boundary in the sky I’m assuming he still has some supernatural traits, but I don’t know if his immortality was imparted by having Beyond the Boundary in his body or if it’s a natural he possesses.
    And I feel like there’s still something about Izumi I haven’t completely figured out, like she has another layer of agenda she hasn’t disclosed to anyone. I don’t really have any evidence for it, just a gut feeling that she’s still got cards in her pocket that haven’t been shown to us yet.

    1. Eva

      I feel the exact same way, Izumi is quite a mystery character that we just can’t seem to figure out!

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