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EDIT 2: The template is now organized and everything. As you see in some entries, the layout changes when you click/read a post compared to the home page. We do this to create more space in the post itself so it’s not so cluster-phobic (and prefer this way), but what do you think? There are three options to choose from. Please tell us which format of the columns you prefer with by leaving a comment.

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*This Post is using Option B *

EDIT 3 – December 8th 2:20am: WOOOO, I found an update version (a big one) and quickly updated this theme to the latest version. Now we can include the banner again yippee! And I think the width extension actually works in this version so that’s good news too! 😀 Everything is finally coming together! I’ll have to adjust the banner size accordingly (I promise I’ll adjust the height as well since it was HUGE on the last theme), but I’ll do that when my arms are feeling better ^^;;;
EDIT 4: December 9th: I tested the site on our tablet and anyone who is using a screen smaller than 9.5 Inches, the right column will collapse and you just have to on the “<<” button to open it (which is a huge improvement compared to our last template where if your screen was too small the sidebar would jump to the very bottom of the site, making it hard to find and a pain in the ass). I am waiting until the end of the week to give readers a chance to share their thoughts on what they like better. In the mean time, I need to talk to everyone on the team and discuss what they like and hopefully we can make a compromise that everyone can agree on. OwO/

 – Saturday December 7th
Overwhelmed [GIF]
Ughhh so I kinda screwed up by accidentally updating the modified template so we were forced to switch things up. That being said, I think I found us a new theme (which we are presently using) BUT, there’s one no, two big problems. The first is our pages isn’t showing so I need to figure that out and the second which is the biggest issue of all is that the “header images” for our posts aren’t showing and this is because this theme requires you to also have “Featured Image” in order to show up on the homepage as you see some of them now. Annnd we kinda have almost 3000 entries to fix and that’s gonna take FOREVER. SO, FOR NOW- I’ll add the feature image three pages back, but otherwise it will be an incredibly SLOW progress (also it’s going to be a bitch if we ever switch themes again and featured image is used differently). It also means we’re going to have to sacrifice our banner ; __ ;
However, before I go ahead and proceed making these serious (and time consuming) changes, I want to know whether you the readers like the new layout. This it is VERY different (and does actually provide us a lot more options with some sacrifices). I’m talking like navigation, finding things (though it’s a total mess
right now) and accessing the posts. I’m still experimenting around to see what else this theme can do but your input is very important to us.


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  1. WandererYS

    I like it. It makes better use of space. There’s also the fact that I don’t have to scroll for fifteen seconds to see all the entries covered on the page in order to find the one I want to read about. XD

    1. Eva

      I definitely agree. Thanks for you input OwO/

  2. Y

    I like it, just it’s gonna take some time getting used to.

  3. Evangeline Chandran

    I really really like it! It makes everything a lot more compact and convenient! 🙂 As for those three options you have there, I like the first one the best.

  4. WandererYS

    I’ll pick A for consistency issues. Consistency gives it a better feel and view.

  5. K-AL

    It looks really good! *O* The current responsive theme is really nice. I’m guessing the new posts have a “featured” image set as the preview?
    Looking forward to the new banner and posts for the new season!

    1. Eva

      Thanks! XD It was so hard to find a new theme, this one is a hidden gem with all the goodies it comes with now that I updated it to it’s latest version.
      Yeah all the new posts have to have “featured” image set, otherwise it will be blank. We’re slowly working to add feature image to the older posts, I think because there’s almost 3000 entries it’d be better off to do a half a year back so perhaps up to the Spring 2013 coverages, and whatever random posts shows up in “you might like” we’ll add on to that too as well as the categories that don’t have too much content in them.

  6. Justin

    Hmm, will take some getting used to the left sidebar instead of the right (Hey, I thought that’s supposed to be done nowadays), but it seems slick and responsive.
    …Then again, I sometimes have terrible taste in web design so…oh well. I wonder how it looks on tablets and such though!

    1. Eva

      Yeah it will definitely take some time to get used to. XD We do have the option to just have one sidebar on the right, which would bring us back to the old format that we’re all used to, but for the homepage I felt with this layout having two columns made the navigation more comfortable without having to scroll long down. And if I were to make 1 column that way, I would have to increase the number of posts on the front page to twenty which is honestly way too much.
      For tablets and anyone who is using a screen smaller than 9.5 Inches, the right column collapses and you just have to on the “<<" button to open it (which is a huge improvement compared to our last template where if your screen was too small the sidebar would jump to the very bottom of the site, making it hard to find and a pain in the ass).

  7. 123

    I think it looks good. I’m reading this on my iPad and it seems neat and easy to get around. I prefer sidebars on the right for some reason, but I wouldn’t really say having it on the left is an issue or anything 🙂

    1. Eva

      I think a lot of us prefer the sidebars on the right, which we can do for the entries at least but that takes away the consistency. It’s too bad that I can’t choose which sidebar to pop up in the single columns version because I’d basically flip it so that everything you see on the left sidebar right now, would go onto the right. But who knows, I might actually be able to do that (if I can figure it out) since the creator of this theme allows you to use this as the “parent-theme” for the “child-theme” where we can do modifications.

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