Nobunaga the Fool Ep 7: The Hierophant

CAESAR YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!! That douchebag interrupted the conclusion of Nobunaga’s and Shingen’s honorable fight and snatched the Wind Regalia that Shingen was going to give to Nobunage with the Fire Regalia. I suppose they should count themselves lucky that they were able to protect one regalia at least, he could have interfered earlier and have the imps snatch both of them.
It was refreshing to finally see more of  Nobunaga’s true nature rather than the reckless warrior we and his clan has been seeing since the beginning. A part of me believes that he knew just by how Mistuhide was behaving that he is the one responsible for his brother’s death. Nobunaga had merely taken advantage of the situation to be able to talk with Lord Shigen and have the opportunity to have an honorable one-one-one duel. Today’s tarot was was The Hierophant: the teacher of secret knowledge. Da Vinci for an exchange didn’t have a clue who the card was referring to, but it turns out that it was pointing to Lord Shingen. Unfortunately  for both Shingen and Nobunaga, Caesar fucked up their exchanges at the end and killed off Shingen. What’s even worse, he puts the blame on Shingen’s death on Nobunaga, when it was actually he who had betrayed them and killed the lord. This guy just single handily took over the Takeda Clan, rallying the men to serve him in vengeance of their beloved Lord Shingen. Talk about a brilliant evil plan.
Nobunaga is going to have a difficult time facing off against Caesar, since it appears that he is the only one whose body that is taking a toll whiling piloting his war-armor. I more or less expect them to address this matter within the next few episodes since it’s something that I doubt can be ignored for much longer.
It looks like Himiko will be fine, but she will need some time to recover, and unfortunately as expected Nobukatsu is the one to be dead. I found it almost ridiculous how long it took for everyone to even notice that Nobukatsu was killed. Gee, you would think that someone would hear the gun shot right? Well whatever, apparently they didn’t. Frankly speaking, I dislike Mitsuhide right now. He goes ahead acting on his own, claiming he serves Nobunaga with his best interest at heart- but I beg to differ. Is it really for Nobunaga, or it is for himself? I believe it’s more for himself due to political reasons. Even if Nobunaga had straight up told him, “Don’t you dare kill my brother”, there is no doubt in my mind that Mitsuhide would have done it anyways. He became the devil and stained his hands all for the “greater good”. (Oh man, what an ominous phrase eh? Rarely in fiction does anything positive happen when one aims for the “greater good”.)
However as nice as it was to see the episode mellow and Nobunaga not acting as a reckless fool for an exchange, I still found it to be quite dull at times. It is quite a shame to say that I actually found the honorable fight boring, and trust me when I say I highly doubt that Nobunaga being all reckless and crazy would have liven it up for me. Another thing (something I’ve been going on for a while now) that bugged me was again how passive Jeanne was. It is seriously annoying at this point because she is just there, floating around the scene doing absolutely nothing. Worse of all, she hasn’t done anything particularly useful yet, and I sincerely hope that will change soon- preferably before Himeko recovers because at least she will be able to have some individual time to shine. Besides even Jeanne says so her self that she wants to become useful.

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