Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 10: Courage to Fight

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 10 Img 0028NOOOOOOO DON’T END IT THERE!!! Oh man it’s only grows more and more intense as the stakes only get higher. With the lack of resources, the Commander orders the students to be deployed to escort the Observer plane. However both Sonia and Bandereas were furious at his decision and Blasteros Sonia (at the very least) immediately ripped off her badge and declared that she had quit the army. It makes me proud of her because she cares more about the students lives, knowing that they are being sent out on what is pretty much a suicide mission and urges them not to go and go to the shelters instead. The majority of the students (there weren’t even a lot to begin with since many of them have already been killed in battle) heeded her request, and then we were left with the remaining main cast. Out of the group, Noriaki was the first to say that he will fight. Then Benji comes in and says he too will join them, along with Kal-El and Ignacio. So pretty much the last of our four boys of the main cast are now out in this terribly one-sided battlefield, fighting for their lives. Noriaki and Benji are noticeably weaker than the other students pilots we have seen so far, but Noriaki does have one card up his sleeve and that’s his skill of fleeing. He and Benji will be depending on this card more than ever now that they have made the decision to chase after the enemy’s observer plane, knowing that the survival rate is very slim. This is why when Sharon had taken Benji out to talk, I was glad that she kissed him because there’s a higher chance of him being killed than surviving the battle- especially the one he is about to engage in now. Worse of all, we haven’t seen those Silver Foxes yet, and I’m pretty damn sure that the Sky Clan has more than one observer plane- after all, this is their turf they are fighting on and probably have consistent resources.
Much to my surprise though we haven’t heard anything about the The Holy Levamme Empire who offered to make an alliance with them in order to take the Sky Clan down. I wonder if we’re going to hear of them anytime soon again. It would be weird if we don’t, so I shouldn’t be too worried about it.
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 10 Img 0021We finally learned about Ignacio’s character today. His back-story explains the core reason why he despised the Emperor and Karl. His mother was a concubine of the Emperor and so after he was born he worked in the palace as a servant. Around the time the Wind Revolution was drawing near, he and his mother were kicked out of the palace. Because he is the illegitimate son of the Emperor Gregorio, he was a nobody so can you blame him for hating Karl as well? Hardly. The kid had a rough life of unfairness while Karl was living it up. So today when Ignacio was beating up Kal-El, he was rightfully pissed off at the guy’s additude. He had to give the mopping idiot a freaking wake up call, telling him that it’s his fault that Claire’s no longer coming to school, that her dreams to fly has been stolen from her, that it’s his fault that Airi will not be able to return to  throttle or as a student pilot. Ignacio is so sick of Kal-El thinking he has it the worse, keeping himself wrapped up in his own world of poor him poor him, instead of looking at the bigger picture and understanding how his actions affected the people around him.
Thankfully that beating did slap the idiot back into reality, but Kal-El continued to be a tad stubborn about Ignacio personally volunteering to be Kal-El substitute partner since Airi can no longer participate in her present condition. It was a tad annoying to see Kal-El go, “Dont tell me what to do!”  and made me go ,”HELLO, you’re just piloting the aircraft, Ignacio is the one attacking here, so STFU and suck it up!” Luckily he did after Ignacio displayed his badass skills. This guy wasn’t Claire/Nina Viento’s bodyguard for nothing! Anyhow, the dynamic between the two was fun to watch, especially considering how he is awed by Ignacio’s abilities and tactical decisions. I just hope at the very least Ignacio survives the fight!


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