I don’t even care if the rest of the Spring schedule (with the exception of Mushishi of course!) turns to shit, as long as I have Jojo my Spring season is perfect. Last week’s pilot episode was still a little ‘mild’ by Jojo’s standards, but this week it was full on ORAORAORA and I loved every moment of it.

look at that beautiful mother and son relationship

This week we get to understand Jotaro a little more, and I have to say he’s basically a try-hard punk that seems to fool most people with his “I’M A DELINQUENT SO LEAVE ME ALONE” attitude. I say most, because his mom KNOWS he’s a softie deep down. I actually thought Holly was just being pushed around by Jotaro a lot, but she really does understand him. It’s why she doesn’t mind his verbal abuse – he still cares deeply for her. Jotaro’s fangirls though, what a fucking annoying bunch. If it were me I’d just drop the delinquent act so they would go away.


I’d honestly still say Jojo 2nd (Joseph Joestar) is still far and away my favourite Jojo though. I’m still butthurt Sugita didn’t return to voice him, but damn older Joseph kicks just as much ass as when he was younger. He’s like a grumpy old man being racist because his beloved daughter married off to some stinkin’ dude from a country he didn’t like and he’s just openly yelling and getting mad about everything. So wonderful. I love him so much.

vlcsnap-2014-04-12-14h55m36s80We’re introduced to a new character this week – Noriaki Kakyoin and his stand Hierophant Green! His stand has the ability to control people to do his bidding, albeit very scarily. I’m not too sure about the whole painting thing though, but I guess it’s part of his stand too? I’unno I always turn my brain off watching Jojo so sometimes these things just fly right past my head. Noriaki’s a pretty cool dude, and his conversation with Jojo about GOOD AND EVIL was so fun and so kooky. Not as fun as seeing Jotaro’s stand beating the shit out of Noriaki or that scene where the nurse lady stabbed the delinquent’s eye but yeah. It turns out that Dio’s been mind-controlling Noriaki the entire time though (as it is revealed after the fight) so I’m excited to see how his relationship with Jotaro will really turn out to be, it’s clear he’s going to be an ally fighting against Dio as seen from the OP, which was so beautifully animated oh gods that budget!!!

vlcsnap-2014-04-12-14h55m43s145This first major battle really did mark the return of Jojo – dramatic poses everywhere, ridiculous colour schemes and flying sfx text…aw damn I missed the battles in Jojo so much. THIS, my friends, is how you present a story as ridiculous as Jojo! This is how you make fights interesting! Also, the music in this episode was so good too! I am so glad they got Taku Iwasaki to continue composing music for Jojo, he’s literally the best fit for this kooky beast of an anime.

Also, we finally get to hear that OP for the first time! It was an alright song I guess, which is kind of a disappointment since the first 2 kicked so much ass. Still no ending theme yet though, but I hear that’s coming next week! 😀


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