No Game No Life Episode 4: King


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NGNL 4 Img026While Sora and Shiro’s victory was pretty much guaranteed, I definitely wasn’t expecting that to happen… o.O I mean, Kurami was already gradually getting flustered throughout the match, but it seemed like she would be calm and composed in defeat, and maybe a little bit haughty. I guess the clincher was Sora’s insistence that Kuuhaku beat her (seemingly borrowed) elf magic with merely wits and intelligence, which she understandably didn’t consider at all – after all, Imanity are a species who can’t even see magic, let alone begin to use it. And they even won without any fighting! In the end, giving the pieces some sort of autonomy ended up backfiring horribly on Kurami – she drove her pieces over the edge in forcing them to fight their former comrades, which sparked a revolt and coup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she’ll be sticking around – instead, she probably wants nothing more to do with Sora after that humiliating loss. “Do you have any idea how much t-trouble I went through to get the elves to help me?!” There there. It’s okay 😀

NGNL 4 Img050Although Sora is best at gaming, it seems like he’ll do pretty well as a king too. He’s introducing all sorts of real-world techniques to sort out his domestic affairs – while I’m sure those methods of growing a country have problems of their own, it must be a godsend to a society which has never been exposed to them before. And for everything else (like weeding out spies), he’s using the power of the pledges to maintain order. It’s good that he’s managed to solve all these issues first – with the way he declared war on every other race during his inauguration speech (some of which were watching, no doubt) the last thing Imanity needs is internal strife and domestic discord. I liked how he didn’t bother beating about the bush – he announced loud and clear that Imanity is the weakest race, and that it was because of this that they possess strength and potential. It’s also very symbolic that their chess piece turned out to be a king – a really weak offensive piece, but one which the entire game revolves around. I’m sure Sora and Shiro will work to expand their territory soon, with their first targets most probably being the Flugels, an angel or harpy race who possess a thirst for knowledge.

NGNL 4 Img066That ending scene with Tet was surprisingly serene – the way it slowly winded down from all the excitement and looked towards the future almost made it feel like the show was about to end. And contrary to what I mentioned a few episodes ago, it seems like Tet didn’t actually have any intention to help out Imanity through sending Sora and Shiro to Disboard – it turned out to be a happy by-product of his goal to play Kuuhaku once more after having lost. That’s a surprisingly… human motive, if I can even describe it as that – though I suppose it’s in the spirit of the show to have Tet’s pride as a gamer take precedence above all, within his world where games decide everything.

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  1. I noticed from last episode and this episode that there are quite a few things from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (English name). That objection.and the bald judge. XD

    1. Yup! They’re really piling on lots of references! The siblings must have picked up a great deal after spending years and years as hikikomoris/NEETs. There was Steph’s WRYYYYY from a couple episodes ago too, and probably a few others I failed to pick up xD

    2. Sora was apparently playing the Ace Attorney theme music on his phone when he did the first Objection in the previous episode, just to set the mood.

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