Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V will have an irregular posting schedule since it all depends on whenever the fansubs comes out (and as far as I’m concerned, there is only one group covering this series).
After the premiere, this episode made a huge difference with how seriously I can take this show. In my first impression, I thought the whole thing was crazy, overwhelming and I was left confused. Luckily for us though, this episode explained everything we needed to know.
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 2 Img 0029First of all, Pendulum Summon is completely new and unknown, which is why everyone was mind blown about it, and Yuya was able to defeat the Champion. You have a huge advantage when your opponent has no idea how Pendulum Summoning  works. However while his shocking victory did have a good response, it was short lived as it quickly backfired on him when kids came flocking to “You Show Duel School”  to watch him demonstrate how to Pendulum Summon. But the main problem which had caused the backfire in the first place is people accusing him to be a cheater since he has ‘pendulum cards’ that nobody ever heard of. The other is the fact he has no memory whatsoever of how he did it (let alone, he didn’t even realize that he had won until he snapped out of whatever had happened to him). Sure he watched the recording of his duel, but just seeing how he did it did not show how he was supposed to do it. When the first error happened, Yuya figured it must be because he wasn’t in a pinch yet, so he deliberately tried to get into that situation, only unfortunately for him, the error happened again. There is something I noticed that Yuya was lacking when he was attempting his Pendulum Summon was his fancy speeches. He was speaking as if the cards were divine beings.
The other thing that I now understand more clearly how Action Dueling works. On the field, Action Cards can be swiped from various places, no matter where you are as long as the Solid Vision is used. I do wonder if it will change at all (the use of Action Cards) if one were to duel on the street since there is no machine to provide the latest Solid Vision. Anyhow it will be cleared up soon enough.
Now that the word has gotten around that Yuya has Pendulum Cards everyone wants it. there is someone who wants to research it, others who wants to steal it (which we will be seeing further next week). There was also a very interesting tidbit where we saw people analyzing the summoning energy that was being detected, which reminds me a lot of Yu Gi Oh 5Ds. I suspect there is some sort of reason behind showing us this bit because it wasn’t entirely necessary. I don’t think this will play a huge role in the plot right away, but I suspect it will be something that will bee addressed later on in the future when Yuuya figures out how to Pendulum Summon, or more dueller appears knowing how to use it, or people learning how to over the course of the series.
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 2 Img 0013As for the other characters we didn’t quite get much of last week: Yuzu! Man I love this girl! She is fiery one and I already ship her and Yuya together. Find their duo awesome, especially how she goes along with Yuya’s performance so well and embraced the role of the villain when the crowd was saying shit about her. I also love her Fantasia monsters’ designs! They are absolutely fabulous! I am looking forward to her more serious duels where she actually wins for real (Yuya wasn’t really trying today since he was trying to figure out how to Pendulum Summon).
Then we have the adorable precious kid, Tatsuya! He is Yuuya’s first and number one fan, and is inspired to be a performer duelist like him! *SOBS* TOO CUTE!!!!!
I am quite excited to see how this plot will unfold, with a new summoning technique that nobody knows of, and since Yuya’s first time doing it was a fluke, he actually has to learn how to use it! With that in store, I think we’re in for a thrilling ride and great development (if done right) as the series goes on.
On the extra note, the two characters that was introduced today, “Mr. President” looks so much like Kaiba, and it doesn’t help that he too a president of LEO Corporation Then there was that other guy, where I actually screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK, HE LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THE PHARAOH HOLY SHIT–” but thankfully that isn’t actually the case thanks to the Preview. It was only the sunlight lighting that made it look like it.


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  1. Kirtro

    how pendulum summoning works if anyone cares:
    there are now 2 new places on the field called the pendulum zones on each side of the monster and spell/trap zones
    when each Pendulum zone has a pendulum monster (which can be a monster or a special type of spell card) in them once per turn you can special summon any amount of monsters between the numbers on the pendulum monsters.
    this time yuya had a set up of a 4 and a 8, he tried to summon a level 2 and a level 3 when he could only pendulum summon levels 5-7
    that being said, I feel bad for anyone who got a custom play mate that is now going to be obsolete xD;

  2. Elena

    This Episode was good. I fIat bad for Yuya for not able to pull off the Pendulum summon for the second time but it’s kinda Hard to do again if you don’t know how you did it the first time. Hopefully they will explain what happened to Yuya and why he couldn’t remember how to Pendulum Summon and that he won the duel.

  3. Elaine

    Good Episode! Yuya beating Strong in a duel for his dad is cool. Also using those cool Pendulum Monsters to do it even cooler! I flat bad for Yuya for not pull off the Pendulum Summon again but its hard to do it again if you don’t how you did the first time. It was cool to see Yuzu dueling with Yuya and won only because of Yuya not dueling right so we don’t get to see how strong Yuzu is in a dueling this episode but I hope in future episodes we can see how strong Yuzu is in dueling. Also hopefully in future episodes they can explain what with Yuya and why he couldn’t remember how to Pendulum Summon and that he won the duel.

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