Soul Eater Not! – eps 3/4

Woah! Backlog! So um, I’ll do episodes three and four together and publish 5 separately. It seems like episode three is going to be about the girl who saved Tsugumi in the last episode. The supposed ‘witch of the dorm’ or at least that’s how it seems from this first scene.

My big question is are we going to see more of Akane in a waiters outfit this episode? Do I have a problem in which I want this man a little too much? Probably but let’s forget about that for now and take a look at the episode.

vlcsnap-1978173 vlcsnap-1978282

Yes, the episode is about her. Kin Diehl, Eternal Feather was named by Kim. Then made her pay for it!

There is also something called the traitor clan….Akane and Clay go to fight them off. There is something very hot about a battle ready pair like them. Oh man, they aren’t normally from the NOT! class.

Oh man, Akane is hot….he fights this guy down. This guy is a little strange….he’s sure acting strange. They brought him in for custody.

vlcsnap-1979133 vlcsnap-1979321vlcsnap-1980359

YES! more of them in waiter outfits again!!!!! Oh yeah and Oxford had a part time job too…..but that’s not important. Okay actually it is, but only later in the episode and at the time I thought it was useless to mention….I mean seriously, look at Akane in that uniform…


Kim is in the kitchen making her dinner and Tsugumi invites her to eat with them…but is told she has to pay Kim to eat with them, it’s probably for the best since Meme somehow ended up buying the wrong thing for Curry, boy I hope that didn’t turn into Mystery food X from Persona. They don’t show us how it turns out. Anya gets dragged of to pair with someone else while Meme gets to pair with Tsugumi……Anya is so jealous it hurts….

Oh no, she left them behind! She’s out all alone and a strange guy attacks her while she’s alone. He’s wearing a Finger gauntlet and a magatama around his waist. Meme runs in and saves the day.Tsugumi shows up as well but messes up her weapon transformation.

vlcsnap-1986388 vlcsnap-1987262

AKANE TO THE RESCUE! YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT! Awww, they chase him off without much of a fight. Oh man, We get our first glimpse of the witch from the opening. Oxford…worked to get the money that Kim stole from Tsugumi….That was really nice of him. I vaugely remember him from the actual Soul Eater and remember liking him, so I’m glad this series is making him out to be such a nice guy.

The wound that Anya has looks pretty awful, it might of been laced with poison from the look of it. Kim walks up and bandaged her and then heals her for free. She’s not really so bad. Oh wow Meme writes down on her arm that Anya gets to train with Tsugumi next time…Tsugumi does too….and Meme is a total flake as per-usual. That’s the end of episode three, also the end of their part time job which is sort of a let down, now I don’t get to see any more of my lovely Akane in that waiters outfit!


Oh well, here we go. Moving into episode four. Oh it’s the return of Maka-senpai by the preview! Also, sports clothing.

Oh well this episode already starts out more interesting then others, Tsugumi is having a nightmare about not being able to protect her friends from the psycho from last episode. The beginning of the episode is so dramatic and solemn, the opening is going to feel out of place.
Then the other two girls get up and the mood lightens enough that the mood won’t be ruined by the opening.

vlcsnap-2025442 vlcsnap-2026075

Akane comes and talks to Tsugumi, well now I’m just jealous. She seems to be wondering why Meisters come to the DMWA. Akane says it can vary but most come there with a career in mind. For him, it’s family reasons. He’s part of the Star Clan!? Like Black Star?! He’s so different from Black Star! I don’t even!!


He is just as hot without his glasses as he is with them on. I am…so jealous of her right now! He wants her to be near him…to be…hi….his?


O////////////////////////O -proceeds to turn just as red as her and nosebleed everywhere-

A…As a weapon right? Right!? RIGHT? HE WANTS HER AS A WEAPON RIGHT? Oh god…phew he was only joking. I can’t…even…he’s…something else. Oh right, then we cut to the weapon class and she goes to talk to Clay about Akane.

vlcsnap-2061927 vlcsnap-2062861


So to make it better, he made it even worse. He’s just not cut out for intelligence duty at all….

Oh here’s Maka! HAHAHA, Maka called them Soul mates because they’re both flat. Maka-senpai said not to worry! and thus, you should not worry. Remember, always. “What would Maka-senpai do?” Maka-senpai would “Not worry”.


Though she runs to Kana for a fortune telling. About love and the dreams. There’s a custom flat chested card. Anyway, sports day or physical exams are here!

vlcsnap-2104073 vlcsnap-2105130 vlcsnap-2104678 vlcsnap-2104388

Akane sets a record in his running, he’s athletic too…So are the girls, Tsugumi on the other hand has no real physical talent. She gets mopey, Akane encourages her and the girls all race to the changing room together in a big happy moment. That’s episode four! I was expecting a little more drama. Oh well, maybe next time. I’m really interested in these ‘traitors’ and the witch looking girl controlling them. What is Akane and Clay’s mission? Find out more next….

Wait are you kidding a pool cleaning episode…-groans- See you next time…

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