The first part of this episode is REALLY boring because I get it cute girls. I love this show don’t get me wrong but I’m not interested in seeing the cute girls thing as an opposition to the reality of this world. I know who they are, why they are unfortunate, and I’m skipping anything else that shoves their good natured yet terribly treated moe faces into my viewing opticals.

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We get to the more interesting aspects of the show when Kisara and Rentaro investigate Monolith 32 as it’s crumbling- the two of them suspect it might be something about this monolith in particular that made it a target to the Alderbarn. I’m curious as to what that might mean but I suppose thats the point LOL.

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Rentaro and Kisara hold hands and I’m not going to lie, this pairing is way too generic for me to be interested in it. I’m glad Rentaro is more honest about his harem than some shounen heroes but the main pairing is probably the most bland thing since bland was created.

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Rentaro also checks in on the blind girl from before and let’s be for real here. These past two episodes were nails in the coffin trying to shove in our face that Rentaro is too attached. We know at least one of these girls is going to die at this rate because Rentaro’s attachment to them is far too large for his own good. In some regards it’s hard to be attached to characters when the show shoves them into your face, but I don’t mind at least the main girls of the adjuvant and I hope at least one of them lives.

bonus points if it's enju or tina
bonus points if it’s enju or tina

We find out after that that Monolith 32 was designed by the person Kisara seems to hate, I believe it’s her brother, since Rentaro refers to him as Nii-san so let’s just assume Kisara’s brother did something that caused her kidney problems.

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Welp, Rentaro and Enju then head off to the school they’ve been teaching on their own and . . .welp. Enju is adorable. . .

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And….then all the other kids are dead. A bomb killed all of them and. . . .fuck me. Everytime I think this show is going to wait and annoy me more with characters they fucking kill them. I can just feel Rentaro’s rage and disgust now and I’m starting to just feel shitty. There is NOTHING good going for this girls even school and everytime Rentaro tries to better their lives, they’re murdered.

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Enju is hysterical and wants to go to school.

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She demands to see her friends and when the guards restrain her she uses her powers…only to see the truth and scream in pain. Rentaro can only watch and know he is powerless to fix her pain or the pain of any of the cursed children. Rentaro then sits alone on the rooftop and reads all of their dreams for the future he made each and every one fill out. . .and then lets them fly away in the wind, including Enju’s desire to marry him at the top. Even Enju, afterall, is doomed. ..

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Kisara calls Rentaro who is disillusioned and tries to remind him they’re fighting so that people might accept the cursed children- but it’s clear Rentaro is fed up with what this world is doing to them. Right as he regains his composure and desire to fight, Monolith 32 collapses a day early. Rentaro has to fight. .  . and Enju as well.

Even if the people they’re fighting for don’t deserve it.


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  1. Wanderer

    I predicted the kids were going to die, and it still hurt.

    1. Oki

      That’s just it…you know it’s coming….but this show makes it hurt so bad.

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