When she was little, she had lots of friends.” – Shiho Fujimiya


 In episode 6 we finally delve deeper into Fujimiya’s past by way of her mother, who informs us of Fujimiya’s accident and the effect that it’s had on both her and Fujimiya herself.

 Fujimiya’s accident, we found out, was caused by a car accident, an accident in which, worryingly enough, “she leaped into the crosswalk alone.” I might be reading into the highlighted word too much, but doesn’t such a usage of the word connote, perhaps…ill intent (on Fujimiya’s behalf)? Take the fact that Fujimiya seems to be repressing some memories involving her friends and what you receive is a dark image of what occurred all those years ago. Sure, maybe it was all an accident, but Fujimiya was running in the flashback and children are taught never to cross the street “even though the light was red.” It’s suspicious – that’s all I’m saying.

 But I digress, Fujimiya’s illness has no physical cause and so, therefore, it must be psychosomatic – a disorder having physical symptoms but originating from mental or emotional causes. Again, it begs the question, what happened to Fujimiya to develop such an illness? Curiously, we’re seeing her remember snippets of information and the question still remains of why she can remember Shogo; he established in this episode after all that they’ve pretty much been friends all this time. Or perhaps the fact that Fujimiya forgets is related to her own acceptance and recognition of the friendship, thus meaning she’s going to be forgetting Shogo from now on? I suppose we’ll see next episode, that is, if they don’t skip over the ‘Monday’ part again, which (and this is my own, subjective, opinion slipping in here) makes the whole ‘reset’ feels gimmicky and tacked on at times. Fujimiya no longer acclimates to Hase over the Tuesday/Wednesday period and seems to only have issues with her memory whenever it’s important to the plot… Just a minor gripe.

 The episode ended with Hase promising Fujimiya to ask her to be friends again the Monday next and the Monday after that, but I’ve got a feeling we’re not going to be seeing much of that Monday morning cuteness, namely because I think it’s time to delve deeper into Fujimiya’s past. Sure, maybe episode 7 will be another slice-of-life-esq episode to continue with the shows main theme, but it’s important to note that we’re now nearer the end than the beginning and there still hasn’t really been anything in the way of a ‘massive drawing point’ other than the relationship between Hase and Fujimiya and Fujimiya’s memory loss which, as I said, is beginning to feel more gimmicky the less it is addressed.

– Chris.