No Game No Life Episode 10: Blue Rose


NGNL 10 Img052

NGNL 10 Img021It seems like they’re being pretty liberal with all these transition episodes and bath scenes – although you could argue that the latter was just an excuse to show Kurami and Fi naked. It’s like a ritual for each new girl who joins Sora’s harem! I’m really liking how they’ve been easily integrated into the group despite all the hostility between them in the past – Kurami in particular has become a lot cuter after loosening up a bit. She really is much more childish than she might seem initially – though I think I’d agree with Fi in saying that boobs aren’t everything 😀 Fi herself is surprisingly fun as well – but I felt a bit cheated by how they never properly showed Jibril licking her foot. I mean, that shiritori game was (technically) completely uncensored, right? Anyway, despite my previous prediction (back when they were first introduced) that Kurami was the one running their two-man team, Fi has a surprising amount of influence despite her gentle, onee-san-like demeanour – as the de facto leader of a high-ranking family in Elvengarde, she must hold a lot of political power back home. So Sora’s really outdone himself this time – he’s gained a stronger grasp on Elvengarde than he ever thought he had in the first place. It’s even better that Fi doesn’t really look like she cares about what happens as long as Kurami is safe and well. And as for the current game with the Eastern Federation, Fi doesn’t come under the umbrella of “all players and Imanity” watching the game, so in the event that Kuuhaku loses they’ll still have some bait to play around with. Not that they’d lose, of course.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised that it turned out to be a VR game, but I was – somehow, when Sora talked about their “video game” I started imagining the five of them sitting around a TV screen holding joysticks and smashing on d-pads. Although the setting is Tokyo, I doubt that’s the real Tokyo – the Warbeasts can’t possibly have the ability to produce dimensional transfers or something, especially with the magic ability they possess. Still, admittedly it’s rather odd that they were able to produce a landscape Sora and Shiro identified as Tokyo… even if the Warbeasts do have technology, it’s not like they could come up with a setting so radically different to anything we’ve seen on Disboard so far. Maybe they used Sora’s own memories for it?

Even though there was only a passing mention of “Blood Destruction” this week, I have a feeling it’s going to become rather significant in the episodes to come. It seems like some sort of innate species ability that allows them to become feral – which is sort of unsettling, as I want my cute Izuna-tan to always remain cute! It might also make it harder for Imanity to win, but never fear. Sora and Shiro have their best secret weapon ever, and… wait for it…

Her name is Steph!

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Jibril lolwut
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