Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 12

The entire episode was basically Reiji trolling everyone with his tricks and DD Army (though anyone with common sense would know that there’s no way he would actually take 4000 damage during stand-by) and surprises (well not really, I more or less expected it) of being able to do all three fusions within two turns. Reiji now has Fusion, Synchro and XYZ summoned DDD monsters on the field. DDD is Different Dimension Demon, which is quite fitting given how Reiji had basically turned the dueling stage into a horror circus. It was pretty intense to watch because I couldn’t but wonder, “Could they actually end the duel within this one episode?” because seriously, with the way things were going- it sure looked like it, after all- Reiji was practically hogging the spotlight.
It was an interesting twist to hear that Reiji actually respects Yuuya’s father, but honestly… I don’t really know how much I believe that. It would be nice if he truly was sincere about it, but at the same time, he was doing that to rile up and get to Yuuya’s head in order to ensure he throws him off his game. Reiji is a dominating opponent, so I wonder how in the world Yuuya is going to turn this around against such strong monsters, I mean it is written all over his face, “SHIT SHIT SHIT” seeing all three summoning techniques used. It will certainly be a challenge, but Yuuya has been fortunate enough to have at least one experience of dueling against an XYZ summoned monster earlier on so we’ll see how he deals with a Synchro.
Yuuya was this close to being dragged into the mood of the duel again by being too serious. He was wearing his goggles, but rather than concealing tears, it was serving to hide how angry he was. He wanted to end this for once and for all. Thankfully Yuzuru noticed his glare and reminded him to laugh and do what he always do, because yeah… we all know how that went when Yuuya decided to play “seriously”.
But yeah, I think the biggest question is how the hell is Yuuya going to win this one? Will he actually lose? Or will a plot-armor come into play to ensure victory, even if it means bending the game-rules.


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  1. Elaine says:

    This Episode was Good. Seeing all Summoning of LSD on the field at the same time cool the only bad thing about it was Yuya has to beat them all and try to win the duel. Oh no I seen Yuya was being serious again and I was worried because when Yuya gets serious it’s not him and he does not think then he starts Making mistakes but thanks to Yuzu telling him to smile and have fun then after Yuya heard that he was back to his old self again. Thank You Yuzu! I am sorry to go off topic but how much candy does Sora have?? After Sora drop his lollipop on the floor he goes to candy bar. How much more food does Sora got and where is he keeping at? Ok back to the duel. It looks like Yuya has his hands full with all three summonings that Reiji has. Good Luck Yuya you are going to need it for this duel. Pull in another win Yuya for your team and the school.

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