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Intro pic Hello everyone!

I’m the new addition to the AAB team. You can just call me Berry. I’ve written my own reviews for anime before, but weekly entries for shows is new to me and I hope you all like what I share. I love writing, so I might ramble a bit. I’m a university student majoring in English, so I’m really excited to be here and to share my thoughts. As for anime, like a lot of people, I started watching it as a little kid when it aired on TV (DBZ, Sailor Moon, you know the other ones). I’ve loved anime even when I didn’t even know what anime was. At the time I only watched the stuff that was on TV, but it wasn’t until halfway through middle school that I started using the computer to find more things. Then during high school, things got really busy for me so I took a break from watching anime for a couple years. After graduating, I finally got back to watching things. And here I am. I’m not an avid manga reader, but I read some from time to time like Karneval, Noragami, and I still can’t believe it’s finished Aku no Hana. (I don’t know, but I don’t like reading manga online?)

When it comes to the shows I like, it comes down to the plot. If the plot sounds good to me, then I’ll watch it. So my tastes can be a little everywhere? The shows I WILL NOT watch are moe-blobby whatever, ecchi, harem, or just anything with a lot of fanservice. I’m a little meh with sci-fi and mecha (I’VE NEVER SEEN ANY GUNDAM), but I’m trying to branch off more. A few of my favorite anime are Michiko to Hatchin, Darker than Black, Psycho Pass, Hunter x Hunter 2011, Nurarihyon no Mago, the Higurashi series. That can kinda give you an idea as to what I like.

Oh, and I play games too! Blazblue is awesome, and I just started playing Persona 3. My specialty are fighting games really.

So yeah before I start rambling (see?), again I say I’m happy to be here and keep an eye out for my posts because I’ll be starting for Fall 2014!

I really relate to Sawako Kuronuma btw.


Unfortunately still a weeb

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  1. hee7


  2. sidekick


    Hope you like your time here, as much as I love rambling about anime too, college life has really got my hands tied right now :-/

    1. Berry

      More like a recent fan. I caught up to the current episodes about two weeks ago because there was so many people talking about it. So glad I’m watching it now, but really upset it’s gonna end. :'(

      Thanks! I hope you do well in your classes!

  3. Vange Chandran

    I also love Psycho Pass, Higurashi and Kimi ni Todoke! 😀 Hajimemashite~

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