As I had expected, this episode was a boring one. There was not plot progression, just a mere filler that maybe had contributed a little bit to Megumi’s character development when she was inspired and motivated by Mami to work towards something for herself for an exchange instead of others, (but it will only count if we are given actual results from this- and frankly speaking, I’m not holding my breath for it). It was a huge relief however to see that Megumi failed to connect with the Shining Dresser, so much that I had cheered when Iona swooped in to save the day with the others. Had they had Megumi succeed resonating with the dresser and obtaining the ability to take on the Innocent Form, it would have ticked me off big time because throughout the entire episode I was thinking to myself, “Don’t even THINK about having Megumi take on her Innocent Form today, I’m not feeling or seeing any innocence here!”. As for Megumi’s attempts, it was honestly painful to watch. I always have mixed opinions with characters who jumps on people to “help” them, and you can tell in the beginning that Mami felt more burdened with Megumi’s constant failed attempts. While she was only trying to be good-natured and helpful, she caused some problems and made mistakes- so much that Mami had to ask her to just sit down and stay put. It wasn’t until later on when Megumi started helping her in a more indirect way by cheering her on and baking her cookies that Mami was able to appreciate her presence.
With no plot progression whatsoever there is very little to talk about so that is all I am going to say for this week. Actually now that I think about it, doesn’t all Precure Series start this filler training arc for power upgrade between Episode 30 and 40? Well I am going to have to hang in strong, I don’t know how long the filler power-upgrade arc will last, but hopefully it won’t be too long this time round. Happiness Charge Precure have had great pacing up till this point, don’t let it stop now!!!
Next week, Cultural Festival time, along with a TOTAL SPOILER. Jeez, it would have been more fun if they didn’t show it- even though we all knew it was likely to happen anyways. Hopefully it will be more fun to watch.


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