Persona 4 Golden ep 8~Christmas time is here.

The first thing that strikes me as strange in this episode of Persona 4 Golden is the opening. This is the opening from the original anime, at least in song. I think even in animation it’s roughly the same, it might be exactly the same.
Er um, anyway. Now that the opening has stopped throwing me off. So after all that drama, after all that insight into Adachi. After that dramatic ending in which Marie leaves…we’re left with the Christmas episode.


Really? They couldn’t just skip to the ski trip and saving Marie? I mean, I understand having to fill your episode quota but this is ridiculous.

This episode is flat out ridiculous from start to finish. In the game each girl you max out your social link with will ask you out on a date. As not to pick a route the episode starts out with Yu asking all the girls if they are free on the 24th.
It’s revealed afterwards that the boys are all planning a surprise party of sorts to keep the girls out of it and make sure there isn’t a Christmas edition of Mystery Food X.

However, each girl thinks that Yu asked them out on a date. Naoto gets so worked up and worried that through a series of ridiculous events ends up convinced that everyone is out to kill her.


This episode is pretty pointless, it runs from one random crazy circumstance to another. In the end it just ends up a huge mess of an episode. The only parts of it that end up remotely canon to the game is anything that happens on Christmas day.

The cake with Nanako, the gift Teddie gives her. The skip to making the Teddie snow man and then to New Years,
Yu getting sick and his dream about Marie while he is fever induced. This episode honestly could be skipped and nothing would be lost at all. There is nothing of substance, very little of it is canon to the game and nothing new is learned.


I can see making episodes to fill your quota but this would of been put to better use by taking this episode out. Going back earlier in the series and using it to flesh out more of the plot.

totes worthless.

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