After that incredibly annoying duel with Eita, today’s opponent was like a breath of fresh air. Houchun Meiru is a fortune teller duelist, who so happens to be pretty darn accurate when it comes to reading her opponent’s state of mind solely by observing their card’s positions. While the overall episode was fairly calm and uneventful, it was still pleasant to watch. Meiru is such an adorable character and I am a huge fan of her monster’s designs. It was exciting to see the Ritual Summoning since I can’t remember how long ago it has been since I’ve last saw it used in the series, I think the last time I saw something like that was in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, but that was like years ago (and I skipped GX and ZEXAL so I wouldn’t know if they used it in their titles at all). It was very entertaining to see her go on about determining whether Yuuya is her ‘fated one’ while he doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about. We also learned today that Yuuya doesn’t believe in fortunes, and sure as hell doesn’t want to believe that he will experience a grave failure and will be engulfed in darkness, so he vows that he will change whatever fate he is supposedly destined to experience. But the one thing that stood out the most was Meiru’s warning. She claims that he needs to stop what he is doing otherwise his life will be in danger. With the way things are going in the story right now, I actually trust her word on that. The danger may take place within this duel, but it certainly may happen some point in the future.
Next week, as we all more or less expected, Yuuya has (most likely accidentally) added Polymerization to his deck. It is safe to say that this card will most likely be responsible for the next stage of Pendulum’s Summoning Evolution. I am curious of what kind of results we will get from it, and whether it will work from the get go, given that I am quite sure it will pop up when he is in a serious pinch.  It also looks like at some point in the duel, Yuuya is going to end up (unintentionally) charming Meiru and it will probably wrap up with the two concluding that you can’t always predict what’s going to happen in the future, especially when unexpected events (such as Polymerization popping up in his deck) occur.
On the extra note, it suddenly occurred to me while I was watching the episode that the music today and the constant change of settings per duel reminded me of Pokemon’s Gym Battles.


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  1. marsh381

    There was a ritual summon in Zexal but it only lasted for two seconds as it was just tributed to summon a monster (extremely pointless). GX actually had more rituals as the female lead switched in-between from Fusion to a Ritual-based deck. They were a pretty good concept, based on the Shinto gods of fortune or something like that, but effects totally underwhelming amongst today’s standards. Demise, King of Armageddon was used in a duel, and another character had a ritual monster he only used twice, which was pretty good, though not great. Unaffected by traps and its ATK becomes 3000 if there’s a face-up trap card on the field.

  2. Elhienn

    This is one of my favorite episodes, and by what I read of the previews every episode after that will be equally good as well!I wish I could skip four weeks forward just to watch them! >_<
    Lol, isn't funny how this filler duel doesn't feel filler at all? Heavy foreshadowing of what will happen and Yuya is already getting an upgrade, which is hilarious as the YGO protags only get their first upgrade against a serious threat XD.
    I found hilarious how she fangirled about what her "fated person", but sobered up during her duel and not letting this silly trait define her, grade A+ cool character, maybe there's a small hope for girls this time around! 😀

    1. Eva

      It really does make a huge difference when they integrate pieces of the plot and slip in some foreshadowing in episodes that usually don’t matter too much. It really helps preventing the story from dragging on and episodes that we identify as “fillers” for being dull and uneventful. :3
      Meiru is awesome <3 I hope that this won't be the last time we see her, it'd be great to see more of her in the tournament, even if she's not going up against Yuuya.
      It's tempting to read the previews summaries like I did in 5Ds, but since I'm blogging it I would rather resist. XD

  3. Elaine

    This Episode was Good and little Creepy. I mean by it being little Creepy is Mieru was able to Tell Yuya’s Fortune and she was getting it right. I felt bad for Yuya in this Duel, hearing that his Future is going to be bad and he needs to stop what he is doing or his life will be at risk. But beside that this Duel is a lot better than the other two Duels. I like Mieru, she is the best duelist that Yuya has had to face to qualify for the JYC so far. The other two were awful, Eita was the worst and I’m glad that Duel is over! Poor Yuzu, she went back to the site to look for her Fusion Card and she won’t be able to find it because Yuya has it. I’m wondering if Yuya pulls off this Fusion Summoning will he give Yuzu the card back? I’m also wondering how the Fusion Card got into Yuya’s Deck, did he accidentally put it in his Deck or did it magically appear in his Deck? I’m looking forward to the next Episode to see if Yuya pulls off this Fusion Summoning.

  4. Daniel

    I’d like to see at least afew of the gishki(ritua) appear.
    That is THE ritual monster archetype in-game; and sheesh; the ritual monster really need the publicity, or not?

    1. Eva

      From what I’ve been told and have heard, it sounds like it hasn’t been given a whole lot of spotlight over the course of all the YGO series. It would probably be nice to see it shine some more (not to mention it’s really cool).

  5. Morlphing

    it would be nice if they bring back some old Archtype into the show, or some OCG archtype like Shadoll, Steelswarm, Gusto, Evilswarm, Hero,v..v..

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