Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Episode 4

Oh boy time for the wacky adventures of library man and the literature crew!

Sorry that joke wasn’t that epic. But i’m just coming off this episode of blahness and my brain is functioning at less than full capacity. (hooray at least I managed to spell those words right!)

What’s wrong with this episode? pffffff (exhales) well…….fine let’s start.

So the episodes opens with the gang having to pay back the loli chick by dressing up in costumes and handing out fliers.

to be honest I don't even know what the fuck the fliers are for and I don't care
to be honest I don’t even know what the fuck the fliers are for and I don’t care. 10% of what?

And that’s all fine and dandy except for the fact that some of the girls thought it would be HILARIOUS to dress up the main dude like this

Tee hee it's funny cause it's crossdressing...fuck you
Tee hee it’s funny cause it’s crossdressing…fuck you that’s stupid.

So while doing this they meet up with the music girl from last episode as they ask her if she’d like to help. The main girl off handedly mentions that she’s famous for singing and she gets all butt hurt and runs away.

Crossdressed main dude then runs over and clears everything up. Because she’s too sensitive and an idiot. Because yes. People would only help you if they saw you passed out from sickness on the ground because you can sing. Fuck you and your ego.

She eventually joins them and they work together.

Okay everyone, after this, they all decide to go somewhere.

Let’s see if you can guess where.

  1. It’s a harem show

  2. There’s enough girls to do it now.

  3. They haven’t done it yet.


If you don’t know the answer then you have obviously never watched a harem show before.

The answer is of course

True, but it's sexy sexy fat
True, but it’s sexy sexy fat

A hot spring. Because what harem show would be complete without the random hot spring scene?

The only good thing to come out of this scene, is the chick from last episode. It’s official. I LOVE this librarian chick.

God I love Kodachi (yes, i learned her name because I fucking love this chick)
God I love Kodachi (yes, i learned her name because I fucking love this chick)

Because of the events of last episode she tells everyone that she’s been to the main character’s (Kakei’s) room and how she spends late nights there and it freaks everyone out. BECAUSE IT’S OBVIOUS ALL OF THESE GIRLS WANT HIS DICK.

See, i’m going to pause here. This is the issue I have with harem shows. There’s usually around 5 girls who like a guy. but NOBODY makes a move. NOBODY says they like him. And by the time they DO, it’s already too late and he’s in an established relationship with someone. See, I have no sympathy for these people. They have all the time in the world to bone this guy. and they’re not. fucking put up or shut up.

Ahem. Anyway as I was saying, after that, Kakei realizes that it’s time to move on after golden week and end this farce.

However, as he’s about to do so, he gets surprised by everyone throwing him  birthday party out of the goodness of his heart.

No, the other guy who's birthday it is.. you know, phil the janitor!
No, the other guy who’s birthday it is.. you know, phil the janitor!

What’s interesting here is considering all the girls who want his dick, it’s his best friend dude who remembered the date. (lol).

After this he decides that he likes his friends and wants to keep the club. dawwww.

Oh yeah and the girl earlier talked to him about how she wanted to makes friends originally because of a promise she made her hospitalized sister and blah blah i don’t care.


End of episode.

Now here’s the thing. I like the idea. I like most of characters. The issue I have with this show is it’s SO GODDAMN BY THE NUMBERS SAFE. There is NOTHING original about this show. It’s a harem show that takes no chances. It goes with  formula that worked 15 years ago and they’re riding the train.

Tsundere? Check. Dandere? Check, Moekko? Check. All the stereotypes are there (well except for yandere. oh thank god for that)

But it’s one of those shows where you KNOW who he’s going to end up with. It’s so PAINFULLY HORRIBLY obvious he’s going to end up with the main red haired friend searching chick that it actually makes the show less interesting for me.

Here show. I’ll make you a deal. If he ends up with ANYONE else other than her. ANY of the other 4 girls, I will give you an automatic +2 on my final out of 10 score. But if he DOES end up with her you get a -2. Deal? Deal.

Heh. easiest -2 i ever made.

Hee hee.. i can feel the -2 already
Hee hee.. i can feel the -2 already

That’s the problem with harem shows. they make a big deal out of “oohhhh who’s he going to pick?” but you can tell from fucking episode ONE who he’s going to pick. and it’s fucking boring. Seriously show. prove me wrong. PROVE ME FUCKING WRONG I DARE YOU.

Oh, and a side note. if he picks HER


I will put this anime in my top 10. No joke. If he ends up with Kodachi, it will make my top 10 just for the sheer balls this show had.

But i can tell you already. He won’t. He’ll fucking end up with obvious bitch and i’ll fucking rant about it more because it’s bullshit.

Like I said show, prove me wrong.

Episode 7/10

Oh well, at least i'll have the consolation of knowing has the biggest rack out of all of them.
Oh well, at least i’ll have the consolation of knowing has the biggest rack out of all of them.

…I”m sorry what was I saying? oh yeah. um…end of review.


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