Haha. Man, at the very least, even after shows of stupid pairings and ridiculously boring nothings, I can always count on Danna to make me laugh for a few minutes (well most of the time).

Eh, while i’m here I might as well describe for you the very short plot.

So this time, we actually get to learn more about the wife as we see the floor very messy. At first she blames the husband, but we learn that it was her in an alcohol induced rampage. Because it seems, she’s a crazy drunk.


She also learned that she pretty much flat out drunk raped her husband. Which…(shifts eyes) I don’t know how to feel here. I mean…they’re married….but um…

My brain is so confused on this...
My brain is so confused on this…

So he wants to prove to her that she’s this way when she’s drunk. So they go out drinking the next night. And after a few drinks she goes insane again and starts having strip rock papers scissors. She loses the first round so she starts to strip.

what is it about snaggleteeth i like so much? fuck.
what is it about snaggleteeth i like so much? fuck.

So then she basically drunk rapes him again.


And that’s the end of the episode.

Huh… this episode… this is a bit weird in my taste. In fact, I take back what I said at the beginning of this review. It’s not really a funny episode at all. (Crosses arms and thinks)

This… this is a strange episode. True they’re married, but you can tell in all the scenes when she has drunk sex with him he seems uncomfortable and mainly doing this for her.

I don’t exactly know why they thought this would be a good idea for an episode. Think about it this way. If they reversed it and it was the guy getting drunk and forcibly doing her, even if it was his wife it would still seem even worse right?

I don’t know about this episode. It didn’t really make me laugh, it kind of just made me feel uncomfortable. It basically makes light of inebriated sexual abuse. I know that’s not what they’re going for as it’s a comedy…but I don’t really see the laughs in this episode.

Gah! That's a fucking five nights of freddy's face
Gah! That’s a fucking five nights of freddy’s face

I’m just going to pretend this episode doesn’t exist and just wait for the next one…..mainly because I feel…weirdly dirty watching it.

Episode 3.5/10