The next trick has begun, Magic Kaitou is on the move again. Six heist in the past week, he’s been a busy phantom thief. Which means that Detective Nakamori [I remembered his name this time!] has been working hard to capture him to no avail. Hasn’t slept in days, and is totally obsessed with catching Kaitou kid to the point he’s ignoring is daughter’s birthday.

There’s a decent amount going on in this episode, we find out some things about the people who probably killed Kaito’s dad, Aoko’s birthday goes on, there’s talk of gem’s that give eternal youth. [Because, why not right? Not like we ever assumed something like that could happen in the same world that a teenager can be turned into a little kid with a pill.]

So the episode starts with one of Kid’s heists, he steals this beautiful looking ruby ring. As he walks down the street, a phone booth begins to ring and he goes to pick it up. I’ve never really understood this, but whatever. The person on the other side of the phone tells him if he doesn’t stop stealing jewels, they’re going to kill him. The one he stole this night was not one they were interested in so they’re going to overlook it but to watch out in the future.
OF COURSE, since his entire goal is to find the people who killed his Dad. This only makes him want to go after precious stones MORE.


So he sets up a heist of a jewel known as the Blue Birthday. SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAYS! It’s Aoko’s 17th birthday, we know this because Kaito says it is, and then proceeds to say she has no figure and he thinks that she’s secretly a guy. [Okay, last episode she was being a violent tsundere, this time, he deserved it.] Despite beating him up she invites him to her birthday party. He says he’ll try to make it, despite having something else to do first and regardless. He’d treat her to the best magic show to make her smile for her birthday.

These noses guys.
These noses guys.

Meanwhile, Detective Nakamori is ready. He’s totally ready, he’s sooo ridiculously over prepared that it’s scary. vapor lazars, special alloyed cage, electrically charged floor. Is this the kind of thing the sleep deprived think of? Not only that, but in case he got past all of that BS, there’s a tracker hidden in the chain of the Blue Birthday.

So as Kaito tricks his way into getting the tracker infused gem onto the room where he runs into the guy that was on the phone before. He’s there with a bunch of men and they confirm that they were involved with the murder of Kaito’s dad. [If he’s really dead, I have my doubts…]
So he gives them the Blue Birthday and they return it to a guy, who works for a guy, who is the big boss. Boy that’s complicated when I type it out, so the group of guys who stole it from Kaito give it to this middle man who explains that hidden inside one of the jewels they are seeking out is a very important second jewel. Pandora’s jewel, which gives Eternal youth.
Of course, Kaito didn’t give them the REAL Blue Birthday and now he knows and intends to be five steps ahead of this mysterious group in finding the jewel before them. Oh, remember that tracker? Yeah, the police show up. However, by the time they get there. Kaito and the group are long gone, but the Blue Birthday is there and Nakamori is hailed as a hero.


OH YEAH, Aoko’s birthday. So, its’ so late now that there is no way Kaito is going to make it to her house in time so he sets up a trick he can show her from a distance. I must say, MARRY this man, do it, right now. Like, any guy who sets up a building to display happy birthday for you and sets off fireworks to celebrate.
Like seriously, marry him, I don’t care if you’re being a super mega tsundere. He is too good for you already.

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THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD, it even sort of improved my opinion of Aoko. Nakamori is amazing in how insanely over prepared his is, Kaito is amazing and the plot is really really interesting. Oh, I forgot to mention that the old guy from episode one, the one that was pretending to be Kaitou Kid? Yeah, apparently he owns a bar. That’s going to be a big plot point in next episode so I thought I should mention it now. I was also glad he wasn’t a one off character.
He mentions he’s friends with a professor too, i wonder if we’ll be seeing a cross over with Agasa and maybe some of the rest of the Detective Conan cast. Well anyway, Magic Kaito 1412 held up perfectly in it’s second episode. Now for episode three.


See you next Illusion.



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    I’m not sure if I should be disappointed that he didn’t make it or amazed that they managed to make it in time… In a sense…

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