The next illusion has begun and this time we get a super dreamy detective to go with it. “The Culprit is you. The truth will always come to light.” [this catch phrase, it sounds familiar….I wonder why.] This detective and catchphrase become popular, this detectives next target? Kaitou Kid!


Detective Nakamori isn’t impressed with him at all, the only one fit to face kid is him! Kaitou, isn’t impressed with either of them and thinks he’s the best thing since French toast, though he gives away one important clue about himself in this episode.


So, the episode begins with Kid going to steal a painting with a jewel hidden in it. He’s continuing to go after those jewels that the thieves a couple of episodes were after. He scopes it out from a skating rink where we learn that Kaito absolutely sucks at skating, Aoko needs to help him so he can even move a few inches without this happening….


So yeah, skating is his total weak point. So at the museum Kaito knocks out a security guard and steals his appearance, sneaking in to the museum. The Detective, Hakuba Saguru however found the knocked out security guard and doubles back. While everyone else falls for Kaito’s trick of taking the painting before he actually took it, Hakuba isn’t that easy to fool. He’s also cut off a good amount of Kaito’s escape routes.
Lucky for Kaito he’s quick to think and has a hundred tricks up his sleeve. He escapes out the window but the wind knocks him down before he can get too far and ends up on the skating rink. [A stroke of luck, since the police decide he can’t be that bad at skating so they go after his fake.] Hakuba notes that Kaitou Kid sucks at skating, the one clue he left to himself.


At school, a sexy new transfer student comes into class. A sexy, blonde, detective named Hakuba transfers into Kaito’s class and if that wasn’t bad enough. He’s hitting on Kaito’s woman! Aoko goes to invite Kaito to a concert she won tickets for, but Hakuba gets all up in there and says he would like to go with Aoko.

Somehow, this ends up being a challenge. If Hakuba can catch Kid that night, he’ll accompany Aoko to the concert. If he can not, Kaito can go with her as planned. The time is now, the TV is broadcasting the heist! The challenge is on and…OH COME ON, this show is called Kaito Kid 1412, not Hakuba Suguru 1412, we all know what the outcome is going to be.

Even saying that though, it seemed really close as they were both stuck in a basement with knock out gas and only a few seconds to reach the mask. If Kaitou wasn’t the main character, I could imagine them both getting knocked out by the gas and having Kaito captured by Detective Nakamori. [score one for the side detective that never gets to do anything cool. Love you Richard Moore!]

However, the heist is ultimately a failure. He doesn’t get to steal anything, he does at least get to check the gem to be sure it’s not the one he’s looking for. Before Nakamori ruins his get away….


The episode ends with Suguru and Kaito in the hospital, swearing to get revenge on one another and Aoko at the concert, with her sleeping father….I’d feel bad for her, but I’m not over the whole beating up Kaito thing.


This episode was good, Hakuba had a few annoying ticks that got under my skin but I appriciate his addition to the cast. The only thing that continues to bother me in this series are their noses! GOD, Pinocio would be jealous of how long these things get sometimes. Otherwise the episode plots have been pretty solid, the music is always fantastic and the animation is what you’d expect for a Conan spin-off….NOW CAN WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE NOSES, PLASTIC SURGERY OR SOMETHING. Next episode we’re looking at another new character, this time a girl. A witch even? This might be interesting.

See you next illusion!