Stupid Merman anime, getting stranger and stranger by the episode. This episode we introduce a ghost, er, not a ghost. A jellyfish.. Sure looks a whole hell of a lot like a ghost. [and like a girl]
Maybe the reason I took it for a ghost was right as the episode opens, Tatsumi is telling Wakasa and Takasu a ghost story when they suddenly look horrified. Tatsumi looks behind him and we see this…

vlcsnap-2014-10-27-18h03m25s1 vlcsnap-2014-10-27-18h03m14s93

You’d think it was a ghost too!


However we find that he is in fact a Jellyfish, [and a guy]. He’s also Ecological friendly! Unlike Wakasa or Takasu the only thing he needs to live is water. Tatsumi is so happy with this, you can almost see the bliss.



Mikuni leaves and we get this ominous talk of how Tatsumi doesn’t know the true Mikuni, or why Wakasa and Takasu seem so scared of him. They are also so fucking jealous they’re offering up sacrificing parts of their body to make Tatsumi like this more. It’s creepy!


Alright, I think we’ve covered all the characters that are in the opening now. We’ve introduced everyone so now we get to learn more about them and their wacky Hijinks. This show remains lighthearted and cute, and the opening remains totally out of place. I can’t wait to see where this goes now that we have what I think are all the characters….

and seriously, WHAT COUPLE DOES THIS SHOW WANT ME TO SHIP? also, with Wakasa and Takasu in the bathtub….HOW DOES TATSUMI TAKE BATHS!?

-pissed I thought he was a girl-
-pissed I thought he was a girl-