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This week on Psycho Pass 2, the mystery remains as an Inspector is missing and an Enforcer is dead.

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I can’t explain how edge I am with this show. Already, I had been giving Mika the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t know the new Inspector is actually an old character who caused her friends death in the Rikako Ouryou case. Because of that? I spent the entire last week respecting and appreciating her a little more. Hey, she’s really cool, she’s got reasons for being jaded. Then this bitch went into OVERDRIVE FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE. Seriously, Rika’s FIRST point of the episode is to file a report bitching about how Akane did something she disagreed with. And then what? Also criticized Ginoza because she doesn’t like him!

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FUCK her. When you go into a new job and your superior makes decisions you don’t like after she has been there much longer than you, what is your first instinct? Is it to fucking OPENLY CRITICIZE HER? This GIRL is acting like a spoiled brat and justice, police work, and the REAL WORLD does not work this way. All she has to do is clearly state “I disagreed with but respected my fellow officers work.” and then talk to akane, try to sympathize. Instead, she sits there ragging on her like this has fucking merit.

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I hate this character SO MUCH. I legitimately cannot wait for something bad to happen to her because she deserves it. How can a character who already earned my sympathy step on it so much? She is shitting on all of Akane and Ginoza’s suffering. And the first time she shows actual character? Is when Yayoi talks to her and she makes it clear she is nice to her because she WANTS TO FUCK HER. My only hope for Mika this season is she will cause Yayoi to get more screentime and become more interesting. Because that is all she is good for. I came into this episode FEELING FOR HER and UNDERSTANDING her and all she does it bitch and moan. And you know what? This makes me respect Akane even more because she is like “whatever” and says nothing, takes it all in stride, and does her job.

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But aside from that we have an interesting story in regards to the mystery. The message left behind by the antagonist is WC? everyone is trying to figure out what it means. The criminal from last episode is talking crazy about a man who keeps his hue clear, and everyone thinks he is crazy. That is until his hue is so clear he is no longer a target for enforcement, and he claims it’s because of ‘him’. He escapes and the MWPSB chase him down, which results in a stand off and him ultimately claiming he has bombs.

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The results? He actually kills people and his crime coefficient is large. Still, Akane hesitates from killing him as he reveals the name of the person who helped him and she questions him. He regrets ‘Kamui’ saved him and now his color must be dark. Before Akane can get more, the inspector he hurt kills him. Akane suddenly has a realization. . . wc is not what they thought, it has one meaning…what color?

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The villain is shown with remorse and anger, declaring that the man could be saved. . . .

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All I can say is HOLY SHIT. Fuck FUCK FUCK. I hate Mika, and I hate the other Inspectors. NONE of them have ANY clue what the fuck they are working for and yet they act like they’re so fucking important. FUCK all of them! Akane Tsunemori is the best fucking inspector and the only hope of the integrity of humanity. And this new villain just seems like…awesome and interesting but Makishima would laugh at his ideals. His whole thing was that people could be good or evil and there needed to be a human spirit to judge that. This guy, Kamui I’m assuming, seems to genuinely believe all people can be saved. And he is disappointed Akane doesn’t seem to get it…one thing he’ll learn is, she is the only one to understand that.

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Add on that the other enforcers are coming in full force to show their true strength..fuck. . . I NEED TO SEE THIS. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT WC? WILL DO. FUCK MY LIFE. FUCK MIKA. FUCK THE OTHER INSPECTORS. THIS SHOW. THIS SHOW.

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  1. igeisha

    According to the ending he’s called Kamui Kirito.

    1. Oki

      I mentioned he was named Kamui, yes.

  2. Moonlight

    Goddamnit Mika I cut her some slack last week and now all I want to do is punch her in the face even more. She legitimately pisses me off now ugh. I take back any defense of her I ever said. She better mellow out as the series goes on. At least Akane and Ginoza are taking it pretty well and going about their business like professionals (something which Mika really needs to learn to do). This new villain seems pretty interesting, curious about how he’s gonna take things from here.
    By the way, am I the only one who felt heartbroken when it showed Akane keeping the cigarretes smoking in her room like that? It feels like she’s doing it to remember Kogami and it just makes me sad.

    1. Oki


      I didn’t talk about it but it made me fucking cry, okay? Not only that, she is like, okay i shouldnt smoke it let me put it beside me…then says “Is this enough to make me smell like it?” She wants to smell like fucking KO. fuck. im crying.

  3. Vange Chandran

    Also, did you notice all the little Kougami x Akane stuff in this ep? ;_; Like, when Tougane wrestles that mannequin, Akane watches him the way she used to watch Kougami. And when Tougane says he agrees with her about “the ghost,” Akane looks at him like he’s Kougami analyzing a crime with her. And when Tougane lights a cigarette, Akane stares a little too long, definitely remembering how Kougami used to smoke all the time.
    And she keeps those cigarettes lit in her room because they smell like Kougami.


    Thank goodness at least Gino is there for her. But we need to see Kougami!! Hopefully he’ll show up next week… :'(

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