Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression
First off: WHAT AN EPIC START! The music the action and effects gosh they were all so awesome! The story on the other hand… We don’t know of what it is going to revolve around just yet. An unexpected twist took place when Kaisar wakes up after his fight to find that he now possesses a demon tail. I am willing to guess that the girl did in fact kiss him as ‘promised’ despite him being pretty much unconscious and he somehow wounded up as a demon or something because of it. Either way it is a pleasant surprise. Another thing that turned out to be unexpected is how they are actually incorporating the cards’ role into the series. Shingeki no Bahamut – Genesis is an online card game that I never heard of, so I don’t know the rules and how the actual gameplay works (I should probably look it up). Anyways… in this world there are bounty hunters go around hunting down the wanted who are summoners. When killed/defeated, these summoners then are trapped within stone tablets. The bounty hunters exchange these tablets for their rupies
Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis Ep 1 Img 0010Today’s episode was devoted to our main protagonist Favaro. He is a bounty hunter with a laid-back cocky attitude, likes to talk big and wise and loves drinking. While bragging about his most recent success, he tells everyone that his next destination is Helheim. At the same time there is another character who is trying to reach Helheim, a demon girl who confronts Favaro to serve as her guide. She is a mysterious character with little known about her at the moment as well as her purpose for making her way to Helheim. She is a total badass and has an epic demon form. I am very curious about what her role is going to be.
And finally there is Kaisar (who is absolutely hilarious). I eagerly await him to join the trio (or at least that is what I expect anyways). He is a knight who tends to be the victim of Favaro’s mischief. No thanks to Favaro, he had lost his beloved horse Barina Chall Lidfard. I actually can’t wait what he will name the next one as. The names he comes up are such a mouthful!
Overall I would say it was a fun start, but despite all the epic action animation, I am iffy about whether or not this is the type of show I would enjoy covering. If there is more action than plot, then I might find it difficult to convey my thoughts about it. I still have two more shows I am curious about, so we’ll see which one I go with for the season.
Oh yeah, there was some hardcore horseback riding going down. Riding atop rooftops across the city!
Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis Ep 1 Img 0003
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CarmenTheNinja’s First Impression
Wow, I really loved this episode! The art is a bit different from what I’m used to but I adore it. Between the epic battles, Favaro’s mischievous humor and the mysteriousness of this demon girl, but also trying to figure out the agenda of Kaisar, I think I found my favorite show of the season. I’m also unfamiliar with the anime’s card game origin but to think that they got this level of imagery simply from cards? AMAZING! I agree with a lot of what Eva covered, so there isn’t much to say. However, this episode did leave me yearning for more: Who is this demon girl? Where did she come from? What is in Helheim? What did she do to Favaro to make him spawn a frickin’ demon tail?! This show is really action packed and fun, I’ll definitely keep watching.
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  1. You also got to mention the music involved in the show. The extended prologue from 2 thousand years ago were Bahamut was subjugated by forces of both Angelic and Demonic forces was appropriately EPIC. And then when we switch to the opening chase scene between Favaro and Kaiser, the music changed to comedic action adventure that’s quit high in quality.
    The REALLY HIGH quality animation, top notch music and good voice acting (I was going to skip this show based on a still image of the show poster, but heard some rave and was glad I changed my mind). This looks to give Fate/Stay Night a run for the best new show of the season (Log Horizon and Psycho-PASS doesn’t count, they’re sequels).


  2. Initially, I was really disappointed. The first battle scene (and a few subsequent ones) featuring Bahamut was too dark! I could hardly see anything. I couldn’t tell which were the good guys and which were the bad. Suddenly there were spells thrown about. A giant seemed to emerge from the sky, but I couldn’t tell if it was the personification of a spell or not. After that, it was the introduction of Favaro and Kaisar. I really dislike Favaro’s character design. Even now, I wish it was Kaisar instead of Favaro being the hero, only because I get pretty annoyed with Favaro’s ridiculously goofy hair every time he appears on screen

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