Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete Episode 1 (First Impression)

Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete (Aka why do i keep getting all the shows will the million character long titles? When am I going to get a show called like…bob?” Out of all the shows to air this season this is the one that I was definitely most underwhelmed for. And I have to say, I was not disappointed.

Okay well, I WAS disappointed, but by the show. Not by the fact that i thought it was going to be underwhelming. Anyway, this is where I would talk about the plot. Not going to lie, it’s going to be pretty short. Mainly because….well…nothing really happened. No, I’m serious. Here. I’ll tell you everything.

So the show opens with two dudes in a laboratory with a naked chick floating in a tube. They have a black cube and they’re looking at it.

I know. I can barely contain my  (yawn) suspense either.
I know. I can barely contain my (yawn) suspense either.

The show then turns into what it basically is. A school show. We see this as the main character is having breakfast with her childhood friend and her ‘way too hot and young to be her mom’ mom (for reference, see Kanon)

MILF? um..are you SURE you're not her sister?
MILF? um..are you SURE you’re not her sister?

Once they get to school one thing is obvious. This girl (Kaori) wants this guy’s dick. They don’t even PRETEND to hide it. But of course, Sou, (the  main dude’s name) is a dumb male protagonist and can’t figure out that his childhood friend wants his dick. OH BOY! SO IT’S EVERY ANIME EVER!

They get to school and we find out that Kaori has been turning guys down who ask her out. HMMMMM I WONDER WHY?!??!! They are then dragged away to watch some girl beat up some people because they were jerks

(snores into couch, drools slightly while asleep)
(snores into couch, drools slightly while asleep)

We find out that everyone here is part of the astronomy club. Also that for some strange reason that I can’t figure out, one of the girls (Hanimiya) has that weird box we saw in the lab before. She claims she got it from somebody but it’s extremely vague.

Well I know what it's not. The box of you not being a cryptic BITCH!
Well I know what it’s not. The box of you not being a cryptic BITCH!

So Sou decides they should all go out and look at the stars together. Everyone except for Sou realizes that Kaori wants to do the horizontal mambo with him. So they try to hook them up when they go looking at the stars together. and they fail. Because Sou’s an idiot.

I wish I had more to say but i'm sooooo boooorreeddd
I wish I had more to say but i’m sooooo boooorreeddd

Oh yeah and somewhere along the way they get involved in a fight with the judo club where the black haired girl kicks their asses again. But I do remember that some guy pushed Kaori down and it made me laugh.

Aha aha aha aha. ahh....priceless
Aha aha aha aha. ahh….priceless

Finally. After hints and coaxing so obvious that Helen Keller could see through it, (mmm that tastes bad) Kaori FINALLY after 18 fucking minutes of this garbage finally tells Sou that she loves him.

Ma'am. This is the don't care police. I'm afraid you're under arrest.
Ma’am. This is the don’t care police. I’m afraid you’re under arrest.

Oh my god I don’t care. I just…goddamn it I don’t care. This chick whines so much and is so bland I just wish she’d get hit by a fucking bus and die or something

vlcsnap-2014-10-04-19h24m38s219 vlcsnap-2014-10-04-19h24m53s134

Oh. OH! um.. Oh… oh dear me. She’s uh…she’s quite dead isn’t she?

Well who knows she could have uh


Oh uh, nope. Nope bitch be dead. Huh. I’d say be careful what you wish for but um… I actually don’t wish to take it back. I’m okay with this.

However, ruining my fun, we jump back a few days to when they’re discussing going on that astronomy trip. However, instead of it going to the way it did before, it seems that time is altered, as there’s a large sound heard from upstairs changing what they were about to say.

(Insert any time travel joke here)
(Insert any time travel joke here)

Sou heads upstairs to investigate the noise and he finds a naked unconscious girl. and that’s where the episode ends.

Aw man, you cut it off NOW?
Aw man, you cut it off NOW?

This show. Pff…. this show. I found myself so incredibly insanely bored through 9/10 of this show. Up until Kaori got hit by the bus, I was almost zoning out. Every character is a trope, the main character is about as interesting as a sack of potatoes…that’s wet…and covered with mud, and…I just didn’t care about anybody’s plight.

One of the strangest things was, I know that I was SUPPOSED to feel sad when Kaori died, but all I could think was “Oh thank god. SOMETHING HAPPENED!” And that is not a good thing to think when you spend the entire episode supposedly building a romance.

One thing I have to say that definitely weirded me out was the animation. Especially for the girls they sometimes did this weird CGI-esc thing where you could tell they were drawn by computers when they moved and it…it looked very odd. Odd to the point that it took me out of it. I know this is an odd complaint, but I had to call attention to it.

That's right. I have absolutely no care whatsoever about you. You're duller than filling out 1099 Forms when cashing in savings bonds.
That’s right. I have absolutely no care whatsoever about you. You’re duller than filling out 1099 Forms when cashing in savings bonds.

It’s hard to get mad, sad, or anything about this show. I just…I just don’t care. The only thing that’s going to keep me coming back for another episode is the time travel thing. This girl that showed up in the epilogue LITERALLY just saved me from dropping this show, at least for another episode.

Am I going to continue watching this?  You know what? I’m not going to judge this show ENTIRELY on the first episode. Who knows? Maybe it’ll save itself as the series goes on. I’m going to give this episode one more shot. After that? No Promises.

Am I blogging about it? Like I said. I”m going to give it one more episode. And we’ll see after that.

Head: 3/10

Eye: 6/10

Heart: 2/10

Watching: pff… maybe

Blogging: probably not but I’ll give it one more episode.

Man. I need something to cheer me up.

Hee hee, I like the part where she gets shoved.
Hee hee, I like the part where she gets shoved.



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  1. I WAS SO CONFUSED ABOUT THE CG-ESQUE THING AS WELL! GOD IT WAS GIVING ME A HEADACHE BECAUSE I COULDn’T DETERMINE WHETHER IT WAS CG OR NOT. But I have come to the conclusion that the close-ups at the very least are animated in CG because of their awkward face shapes, and similar traits I have seen in previous CG animated series.

    Other than that, I grew bored half way through and just skimmed to the end. I won’t be watching this one that’s for sure.

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