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Yeah, totally not shady at all.

The Maiami Championship (MCS) Tournament has finally begun! This week episode however was merely serving as an introduction, giving us a brief insider of what to expect and most importantly: which characters to keep an eye on. There are several that caught my eye, such as that one group who is claimed to be international competitors called: The Knights of Duels are undoubtly most likely to be working under Reiji’s father- ESPECIALLY since their faces aren’t being shown (also their name totally gives them away since we know Reiji is trying to recruit a bunch of Knights of his own). I am curious and excited to find out whether Ruri will be one of the three knights, but first- we need to find out which class they are competing in.
Speaking of which: the MCS Tournament has three classes: Junior,  Junior Youth and Youth. The kiddies are participants of the Junior class and Yuuya, Sora, Yuzu and Gongenzaka are all competing in the Junior Youth class- so we are in a situation where none of the characters we know of (at the moment) are expected to be competing in the Youth class. The Knights of Duels made it quite difficult to tell their age, but it is safe to say that we can easily scratch out the possibility of any of them participating in the Junior Class (unless they happen to be super tall or are walking on stilts, but what are the odds of that actually happening?).
The first round is going to be an interesting one! I am absolutely loving the match-ups since it is providing an opportunity for the characters we are cheering for to go further in the tournament, and also because the duels will surely be very fun and exciting to watch. So here were/are our match-ups for the first round!
*Organized by the schedule they were given (though the matches that take place the next day are ambiguous at the moment so Yuuya’s, Gongenzaka’s and Sora’s are pure speculation for now).

Futoshi Shivers-Kid VS Irrelevant Kid – SKETCH DUEL IS OVER, Shivers-Kid Wins.
Ayu VS Mysterious LDS student(that appears to be Reiji’s younger sibling). It looks like this will be the first duel we will be sitting through from start to finish because of plot and character debut reasons. The kid appears to be quite intimidated by Himeka, (who appears to perhaps be their mother), and appears to share a similar deck to Ayu’s. Hopefully this will turn out to be a cute one despite the pressure the LDS kid will be facing.Yuzu VS Matsumi – I am absolutely psyched to see them go up against each other in the first round, but god, I hope Yuzu will win this, I want to see her go far in the tournament. But first, let’s look forward to how much stronger she has become by learning how to Fusion Summon!
Yuuya VS Sawatari – A rematch I am looking forward to seeing since Sawatari was following instructions from Reiji the last time we saw him fight, so lets see whether he
himself is actually the strong duelist that he boasts around to be.
(His match is expected to take place the next day)
Gongenzaka VS Ankokuji the Bully from Yuuya’s past (and present) – TAKE HIM DOWN GONGENZAKA WITH YOUR STEADFAST SYNCHRO SUMMON WAYS!
Sora VS ShunOH SNAP. THIS IS GONNA BE INTERESTING. This will clearly be one of the many duelist that will have us at the edge of our seats! There is no telling how this will unfold, but you already know who I will be cheering for! GO SHUN GO!

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 27 Img 0009Yuuya had everyone worried when he arrived late after taking some time alone to remember his father’s wisdom. Luckily his mother knew where to find him (after having been reported that he had not arrived at the stadium yet). Later he found himself having to be the one to say the Oath of Fair Play (no thanks to Nico’s shenanigans) but was able to take advantage of it to say something from his heart. And true enough, I found his speech heart-felt because he a vocalizing his vow and promise to both himself and his father and is doing his best to clear his father’s name after having vanished when a major duel was supposed to take place.
After seeing Shun as one of LDS participants of the tournament, both Yuuya and Yuzu were shocked to see him and startled to learn that Masumi and the others have no recollection of him as an enemy. With this we were able to find out that Reiji had brainwashed or altered the Trio Aces’ memories to believe that Shun has always been an LDS student. That is one heck of a smooth way to sneak Shun into the tournament Reiji. Well, since he is the one hosting the event, it makes it easier for him to get away with it.
Now about the deal Reiji and Shun had made, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Apparently, one of the competitors can use real Fusion Summonings. For a while now, Reiji’s suspicions seems to be pointing to Sora, which is probably why he is up against Shun right off the bat. And while I am on the subject of their discussion, the other thing he had mentioned to Shun was that there is another summoning technique that he doesn’t know of- which we all know is most likely to be Yuuya (but it would certainly be intriguing if it were someone else! That would be a fun plot-twist!). But most importantly: Reiji made it clear to Shun that they share the common enemy, his father Akaba Leo and that he is taking advantage of this tournament to find the most skilled duelist that would be fitted to join him in his battle against his father.
Last but not least, it was fun to see Mieru again so soon, I love this girl. It was so funny to watch Yuzu’s jealousy rage grow every time Mieru called Yuuya ‘darling’. The best part of all is that Mieru doesn’t even see Yuzu as a rival, her eyes and focus is solely on Yuuya!
NEXT WEEK! Ayu VS Mysterious LDS student, I wonder how long this duel will last. Anyhow we will have to wait a bit longer before we finally get to see Yuzu’s rematch. Actually, now that I think of it, I wonder if Shun will be watching and what his reaction will be when he sees her using Fusion Summon.


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0 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 27

  1. Good Episode. I loved Yuya’s speech. I can’t believe Shun joined the tournament that easy and Reiji made him part of LSD. I am glad that Futoshi’s Duel ended quickly. I am looking forward to see Yuya, Yuzu, Sora, and Gongenzaka duel. I hope Ayu’s duel don’t take too long because I really want to see Yuzu duel and when Yuzu duels I hope it’s not short. Hopefully Yuya, Yuzu, Sora, and Gongenzaka will have at least a Episode or two to duel.

  2. Sorry to niptick again, but it’s Mieru, not Meiru ^_^and when you wrote Nanami I think you meant Masumi right?
    This episode made me feel hyped, I can’t wait to see Yuzu’s duel, I hope we can see at least the beginning of her duel next episode 8D!

    I know the chances of this happening are fairly low, but I really wish that Yuzu could beat a dude in a duel, like Aki against that knight in season one, or she dueling against Shun in the semi-finals, that would be cool even if it’s unlikely
    I think the YGO writters were smart this time! I honestly can’t tell who will win in the duel of Shun vs Sora, as Shun is fairly important and Sora is suspicious as hell.
    Sawatari vs Yuya sounds interesting, but doesn’t feel plot related like the other duels(Even Ayu, the child cheerleader will get plot duel because of Reira lol!), we should make a drinking game for how many times everyone except Yuya is ignored by the plot or how many times the plot disappears on Yuya XD
    Other thing that made him horrible satisfied in how when Yuya was telling his touching tale obnoxious Kyuuando Eita wasn’t there, it was like the writers knew we still hate the little shit!XD
    … But as much as I hate Kyuuando I wish I could see him again to complete the Qualifying trio(Michi, Mieru, Kyuuando), and I totaly want to see Mieru fawn over Michio XD

    1. Σ(X□X;) GAH!!!! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!? *HEADSKS* You know what? I think I was so distracted on trying to spell the bloody city right that I missed it all because I couldn’t memorize the spelling properly, kept on having to double check *SOBS*. TT v TT Ugh I even spelt Natsumi’s name right in the above paragraph too… Thanks for informing me though, I have fixed it. And no need to worry, I don’t mind people nitpicking me about spelling the name wrong- God forbid the broken record streak I did with calling Iona from Happiness Charge Precure IOWA for five episodes straight… I can’t even…

      //I know the chances of this happening are fairly low, but I really wish that Yuzu could beat a dude in a duel, like Aki against that knight in season one, or she dueling against Shun in the semi-finals, that would be cool even if it’s unlikely//

      YES, that is what I would love to see too. I definitely see a possibility though since there are three highlighted competitors like the idol, the uh… weird magician looking guy, and the tough looking dude. (LOL). OH MAN, I REALLY WANT TO SEE YUZU VS SHUN, LIKE REAL BAD- BUT WE ALL KNOW IT’S MOST LIKELY GOING TO BE YUUYA *SOBS*
      Sora is shady, but his position in this whole situation has been quite ambiguous. Who knows, maybe he previously worked alongside the enemy but then left or got kicked out. But it would certainly be an interesting twist if he were to turn on them- but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it despite the fact he can be quite a wild card.

      //We should make a drinking game for how many times everyone except Yuya is ignored by the plot or how many times the plot disappears on Yuya XD//

      OH MY GOD, THAT’S A GOOD ONE. XD I still can’t get over how the plot has been avoiding him like a plague. He gotten a glimpse of it but he doesn’t even have a clue what the hell is going on. LMFAO!

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