Akatsuki no Yona Episode 7

Yona is still worrying about Hak, who has gained a fever now. Yun gives him some medicine to bring it down, but he’s shown some hostility to Yona. Ik-su tells him to be nicer, but he finds it hard to since he hates nobility. Ik-su and Yona go for a walk, just to get out of the hut. Yona comes to Yun and asks him to tell her about why the priests were driven out from the castle (Ik-su was one of them), as she had not known about.

Long ago, priests used to be much more powerful than kings. They were called messengers of God. The priests would have a say in a kingdom’s ruling, or they might even influence a war. Saying the king had angered God, one priest had the king killed. After that, priests were soon perceived as trouble for kings. Prince Yu-Hong, Yona’s uncle and Soo-won’s father, had this mindset and drove all of the priests away from the castle. Yun likes living in the middle of nowhere because he and Ik-su can relax. Ik-su tries helping the poor, and when he can’t he suffers from depression. They do what they can.

It’s nighttime and everyone’s sleeping, but Yona wakes up in the middle of the night to see that Hak isn’t there. So she runs out looking for him and she’s really worried. She trips and falls and just screams into the night that Hak is stupid, and Hak comes up behind her. Seriously, Hak is the only one that would be walking around like it’s nothing with broken ribs, he’s so crazy. He went out to find his weapon after it had fallen off the cliff. He gives Yona crap about calling him stupid while he’s injured and not saying nicer things, but Yona’s crying and saying how wreckless he’s being when injured and DUMB HAK YOU DUMMY. When Yona said she thought he’d die, it really hit Hak and this loser got all flirty like “Oh god I can’t take your crying face, I wish I’d die to see what it would look like then” and then he’s leaning in and grabbing her face and HE’S GONNA KISS HER AND THEN….


…they slam their foreheads into each other.


Hak said if she didn’t want it (the kiss), she could have just turned her head away. She just thought he wanted to check his temperature on her forehead so she accidentally slammed her forehead onto his. Like…how dare you tease me like this. How dare you.

Hak mentions her hair, apologizes, but their on good terms, and they tease each other. We see back in the hut that Ik-su awakened from sleep with tears. Hm. Next morning, Yona explains where they are and who they’re with to Hak, and this guy just makes himself right at home. His laid-back and snarky attitude give me life, really. I just love him.

The three notice Ik-su missing, so Yona goes out to look for him where she sees him sitting on a cliff crying. He says he had been dreaming about her. Yona had been looking for him to also receive guidance, so Ik-su relays God’s words to her.

“When darkness falls upon the land, the dragons’ blood will restore life once more. In accoradance with the ancient pact, when the four dragons are gathered, the sword and shield that protect the king will awaken. The red dragon will return at dawn.”

any7.33Thinking this dude is crazy, Hak doesn’t believe anything he’s saying and thinks he’s high as hell. Have I mentioned I love him? Anyway, this message relates to the Kingdom of Kouka’s creation myth. The red dragon god took on a human form to rule a land on Earth, who coincidentally had long red hair like Yona. When King Hiryuu, the dragon god, became human he also had to fight humans. Forgetting about their god, the humans brought their own land to ruin. The humans captured King Hiryuu because they desired power. When things were about to get worse, four dragons had descended from heaven. They wanted to destroy the humans for forgetting their fate, and take Hiryuu with them back to heaven. Hiryuu refused, because he loved humans too much. So to protect him, the four dragons gave their blood to four humans that would give them superhuman strength. One had claws, one had a powerful body, one had special eyes, and one had strong legs. These four would stay by the king’s side and help him rule the kingdom and bring peace. But the king died, and seeing as how the four dragons didn’t know what to do, each of them left and created their own tribes that they have now (the Fire Tribe, the Wind Tribe, etc.).

Basically, the story is happening again and Yona needs to find the four dragons to aid her on her journey, because if she keeps going with only Hak they’re going to die. So Yona decides that she’s going to look for the four dragons. Hak doesn’t think they exist, but Yona doesn’t care and she wants to move forward and become a different person, so Hak is of course going to help her. Ik-su comes to them with a request after.

Obviously, we know that Yona is going to find the four dragons, and I just really want to see them now. But…slow and steady, I got it. Most of this episodes had some stories. I was really hoping Yona was going to throw that damn hair ornament into the river, and hopefully erase that last bit of love she has for Soo-won with it, but she couldn’t. Damn. We’ll be getting some backstory next episode with Ik-su and Yun, so that should be interesting. Plus, they did some tweaking with the show’s opening, and basically made it more dynamic, pretty cool. Also…




Unfortunately still a weeb

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  1. THAT ALMOST-KISS x’D Stay strong, Hak! <3

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