Be my Princess 2 [Ivan Route]

As soon as Be my Princess 2 came out I watched the prologue and went, OH I WANT THAT GUY! low and behold, he wasn’t available for forever. By the time he came out I was broke, but recently I finally had the money to purchase this wondrous route. No regrets this guy is super hawt.


From the getgo Ivan pretty much chooses you. And why? You’re a sturdy wife who can make him babies. I can’t with this guy. So much . . . straightforwardness is kind of hot. He basically says he won’t love you and as long as you perform the duties of a wife he won’t care, so I’m just sitting here going. . . . I will make you love me you little shit.


His whole shtick along with the butlers is tricking you to come to his nation thinking it’s an invitation to be a bride candidate. Lol you liar I’m the only bride. We also see right off the bat this place is constant war and terror. Come on Ivan let me warm you up with my sweet swe- I can’t finish that sentence. The amount of shame Ivan makes me want to bring on myself is ridiculous. Why won’t he love me?!


Ivan goes off to war almost immediately. Why do I foresee you taking care of injured Ivan? Because that’s amazing that’s why I foresee it. You end up going to see him once, and already I can tell this Ice Queen is letting it go. Shut up Ivan with your stupid hair and your stupid face and your stupid sexist country where women aren’t supposed to work at all which is dumb because women would get bored dontcha think? I am a strong independent pastry chef dammit! Let me cover your country in potato donuts ya dork!



One thing I will say though: Please get an offline version, Voltage. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to enjoy a game and having to download an update, waste data, all for stuff I’ve already downloaded! If I’m not buying a new route there is no reason to force an impromptu update on me. I much prefer having to download manual updates rather than being forced to download automatic ones. I play the game usually during my downtime at school, or on my breaks at work- that’s the best part about them! But if you force me to download updates, it eats up my breaks and I end up angry and upset I couldn’t play rather than happily playing. Even worse, when your phone has to be online simply to play. Let me play my game without having to connect, Voltage! This is your biggest flaw! I seriously had to download a 20 minute update during my freetime because I wasn’t at home with wifi, all to play Ivan’s route which was completely up to date! sobs deeply. Why did I put this in? It happened to me three times and held up this review for weeks.


Anyway, you know what ends up happening in this route? The true conflict? Ivan is an idiot. There you go. He says something thinking it means something completely different and you end up leaving him. WOOPS. He basically tells you you can be replaced, when he meant you could be replaced at your job and you should stay with him. Even that was insensitive so you return home and to your job. Eventually you catch a cold and go to answer the door in a haze only to find. . . moe moe adorable Ivan who is in love with you and wants to take care of you.


It’s all perfect as you return to Sanct sybil. And then you get kidnapped.


Ladies and gentlemen, one of the more badass stories, where you get kidnapped. You do your best to stay alive but ultimately it is Ivan who saves you, and the plot twists involved in that part of the story are just amazing. Suffice it to say that it’s definitely worth your time to invest in the magnificence of this story, I can’t bring myself to ruin the ending for you but it involves Ivan seemingly dying and a lot of other really cool things. Can I just say this? Favorite Princess route, 1 and 2 included, because I can’t get over this stupid dork of a prince who loves me (I told you I’d make him love me!)


You can’t go wrong on this one. Every flaw Voltage games have was able to be overlooked for me in order to make this dork my prince. Do it everybody. Make this dork your prince!



2 thoughts on “Be my Princess 2 [Ivan Route]

  1. Do you know if there’s a free version of this game? I play Be My Princess for GREE (Roberto is the love of my life xDD ) so I’d love to play this game if there’s a free version >.<

    1. I don’t know if there is a GREE for 2 yet! Honestly I end up spending money on the Gree and it becomes expensive so I have to stay away LOL

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