Well we’re once again back to our favorite Wife and husband with their tiny 3 minutes long vignette stories. And I have to say, ever since that one episode, things have been pretty back to normal. I think that creepy drunk one was just a one-off that really was a poor choice, not a pattern. thank god.

So today’s episode is about the wife getting a message from her friend that she needs someone to watch her kid.  The husband doesn’t mind so enter Ai

D'aw so cute.
D’aw so cute.

Unsure of what she would like to do, they ask her what she would like, and interestingly enough she wants to play golf. It turns out that her mother is a pro-golfer and wants to be just like her, so they decide to take her to the driving range. The husband and wife aren’t very good, but the little girl is actually pretty damn good.

Super whiff right there

The episode wraps off with them finishing and walking off into the sunset together holding hands.

I see what you did there show...
I see what you did there show…

And that ends the episode.

So yeah. This is one of the episodes I was expecting soon. Not necessarily hoping to see, but expecting. The little child character here is obviously meant for the two of them to start thinking about their own children and how they would do as parents.

In the episode you can tell that they definitely have the potential to be good parents, but at the same time, are still a bit too childish between the two of them to really be parents. They know that if they want to have kids, they have some growing up to do. They won’t ever lose their personalities, but this is a step for them if they want to ever have kids.


I suppose whenever you have married characters that question always arises. “When are they going to have kids?” And that sort of bothers me. When two people get married that shouldn’t be the first question on people’s minds. Not everyone wants to have kids, but nearly every married couple  in media (especially anime) end up having kids at one point or another. I’m not saying this is wrong, but it’s a nice change of pace to see a show where married people are just happy being married and being with each other. If they bring pregnancy in THIS show in particular i’ll be very disappointed as that’s not what i wanted in this show.

All in all, cute episode, but i’m not really digging what it implies.

Episode 6.5/10

I WILL admit it though.... she IS fucking adorable
I WILL admit it though…. she IS fucking adorable