It’s time to take a short coffee break in your day to watch another mini-episode of Danna Ga Nani Wo. And I gotta say, this episode was actually pretty cute. What was it about? You know the drill.

So the episode starts out with the broster asking the Kaoru how the two of them first started dating.

It seems that they both worked together at the same job, only Kaoru was the supervisor

D'aw still so cute
D’aw still so cute

For some reason there was an immediate attraction and they decide to go on a date. On Kaoru’s side her father is…less than thrilled about the idea of her going on a date.

(shown above) him being less than thrilled.
(shown above) him being less than thrilled.

On the husband’s side, he’s actually talking to the broster who thinks he’s talking about a dating sim girl.

Ai my ass! That's Ranpha from Galaxy Angel. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SHOW!
Ai my ass! That’s Ranpha from Galaxy Angel. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SHOW!

They go out on the date and are awkward and funny, but they end up having a lot of fun.


After she finishes, that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode was very cute. It definitely answered a question i had for  long time with these two, being what brought these two together in the first place.

However, in the very first episode we saw when they got married she had black hair even though now she has blonde. At first I thought it was an animation mistake maybe but due to these flashbacks now I know that Kaoru dyes her hair, and you know what? She actually looks good as a blonde.

Yeah, she definitely rocks blonde.
Yeah, she definitely rocks blonde.

It’s nice to know that these two were just two dorks in love from the start and they’ve never really changed who they are. They really are a pair that’s meant to be together and I think they’re just adorable. These are the kind of episodes that I love about this show. The quirky cute ones. It seem at this point the score rating is about 5 to 4 in terms of good to bad episodes, so at least good is winning now thanks to this episode. I can’t wait for the next episode and hopefully it will be just as adorable. I recommend this ep even if you haven’t seen the show before.

Episode 8/10