Girlfriend Episode 4 (Oh my god…what’s wrong with your HAIR?!)

Oh my. It seems that Tribe Cool Crew won’t be airing this week. Well that’s okay. I still have Girlfriend! (shows strong smile, single tear rolls down face)

All right. What epic story do we have this week? So far we have returning a picture, thinking they’re fat, and being too shy to take pictures. What’s the epic story of the week. Lying to someone behind their back?

ooh ooh. SOMETHING that would be on sailor moon says?

Hideki Moon says "YOU'RE NOT FAT" yes. yes i'm still on that from episode 2

Hideki Moon says “YOU’RE NOT FAT” yes. yes i’m still on that from episode 2

Let’s see…was I right?


(snaps fingers) damn it. finding homes for kittens. Should have known.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. The big plot in this episode is finding homes for kittens. And the main character is the radio chick from the previous episodes.

You know, this chick.

You know, this chick.

So conveniently she has that radio job at the school so she asks through the PA system if anyone wants the cats.

That’s when 5 girls show up and



no. no i’m not letting this slide.

(sings) One of these things is not like the other



I…what the hell is up with her hair?! Every other character in this show has one color hair. Sure their hair is a little colorful but….they all have ONE COLOR HAIR. This isn’t a world where 2 tones is acceptable.

Their excuse it that she likes styling hair. But i’m sorry. I worked at schools in Japan. They do NOT let you two tone dye your hair like you’re an extra in a star trek episode. Leave that shit for like..Soul Eater or something.

End Rant


So the problem is, these girls can’t get the cat unless their midterm grades improve.

Hooray drama! So the only girl who was allowed to take a cat right away says that she’ll help them out studying since they have 3 days until midterms. andddd they don’t show up for 2 of those three days because they come up with excuses.

Fuck you all! You don't deserve these kittens!

Fuck you all! You don’t deserve these kittens!

So finally after fucking around for so long they give them one more chance to study at an all night sleepover cram session. So they agree to come…


Wow…you guys must REALLY want those cats huh?

After they spend a whole bunch of hours doing nothing they finally buckle down and study.

and somehow magically they manage to get good enough grades to get their cats. huzzah.


proving that procrastination and laziness is all right as long as you cram at the last minute.

The end.

I’m…. i’m not really sure what lesson they’re trying to convey here. That that’s okay? I don’t know. When your entire plot is trying to get good grades because you want cats and then suck at studying…I…don’t even care.

I’m sort of entering this sort of Nirvana like state of zoning out while i’m typing this. I have no strong opinions on this. it’s just kind of …. there.

It’s stupid, it’s juvenile, but..I just don’t care. It’s like….. i’m assuming they’re not even trying to make plots at this point. And i’m STILL waiting for a main character dude to show up. Any dude. at all. I mean LOOK


all the girls in class are looking at the kittens. EXCEPT NOT ONE MALE IS LOOKING AT THEM. EVERY SINGLE GUY looks uncomfortable and weirded out. like they shouldn’t even be in the classroom. fuck. if someone brought in a box of kittens…I’D FUCKING LOOK AT THE KITTENS!

I know males aren’t supposed to be the focus of the show, but my god, even in Azumanga and Lucky star there were at least token dudes in the show.

Whatever. this show should not grant me any emotions. I’ll go to sleep instead. Good night.

Episode 4/10

One more thing

Seriously. The fuck?

Seriously. The fuck?


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2 Responses

  1. Lascelle says:

    I sort of want to keep reading these reviews because watching you rip on the idiocy of this show is such a blast. Please keep it up!

  2. Berry says:

    Wait, so there’s no boyfriend yet? That’s false advertising.

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