This episode makes me hate myself because the entire focus is on Shiragaki and Kokkuri as a woman. While Kohina does participate to give her usual ‘lets have cup noodles and I don’t care about how you actually look you’re a one note character criticism’ bullshit, this episode is focused entirely on the concept of Shiragaki trying to win over the female Kokkuri-san.

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In a lot of ways I don’t want to enjoy how cute the two are together. For one, Shiragaki is a hopeless pervert who would never stop drinking. Most of their marriage would be a completely sentimental with a few good moments, but most of it would be Kokkuri getting pissed off at Shiragaki who would be a lousy husband until she needed something small or he knew he needed to buck up. Second, Kokkuri will no doubt become a man again- they changed the openings end still but they didn’t turn Kokkuri into a woman in the whole thing, so I knew that. And third, the most important, Kokkuri does not WANT to be a woman.

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Shiragaki convinces Kokkuri to come to a hot spring and everyone tags along, including cat lady from before whose name I can never remember but can always note the ‘nyan’ at the end of every sentence to denote she is a cat. Of course this means sexy moments that even I want to spy on, but it also means this episode really hits you hard with the feels for a ship that is never meant to be.

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I have to say though the one thing that bothers me is everyone picking on Kokkuri’s age. She’s a beautiful woman, but I guess in Japan middle aged really matters to them. Then again I’ve made it clear I hate how in either gender everyone gives Kokkuri shit. He’s a man, oh you’re not really attractive and your only interesting feature is boring. As a woman? Now you have nothing original about you. Kokkuri admits even that she is such a ‘perfect’ woman as a woman that people won’t stop asking her to marry them, since she loves housework and is pretty. Cat lady and female Inugami get pissed off at this but I guess in some small way that is affirmation?

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Eventually Kokkuri and Shiragaki go on an adventure to find a hot spring to make him male again. It’s very clear Shiragaki does not want him to be, but he tags along anyway. That’s why this episode sucks: Shiragaki would be a terrible husband but they also show how he’d be a good man to her. I hate him for all the drinking and everything he’d do to her, but he also would accept her as a woman. Then again the reason I kind of go ‘nope’ is because he would not accept him as a man. Kokkuri, even as a woman, very clearly loves to be a man.

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Eventually after much bonding Shiragaki ends up trying to convince her to let him carry her bags. He won’t because he can’t stand the idea of someone doing something for him that he should be able to do. Shiragaki says fine, you can carry them, but I’ll carry you. He also says as a friend he’d help him no matter his gender, but now he’ll help him forget he wants to be a man. Shiragaki kisses him and that turns him into a man again, because Kohina’s family trolls and actually made it so you can only turn back once you have a sentimental moment with a member of the opposite sex.

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Welp, I guess we’re back to status quo. Someone please kill me for shipping these two.


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  1. Vange Chandran

    SO glad I’m not the only one!! When they had their romantic moment, I actually felt myself shipping them against my own will. They were cute together when Kokkuri-san was female >___<

  2. Anjo

    My feelings for the ship in the beginning: This is gross.
    My feelings for the ship at the end: TIS BEAUTIFUL.

    Japan is mastering the art of shipping. Smart. Hands down the best way to get dem fujobucks.

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