Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 39

Pardon my ridiculously short entry, but there isn’t much to discuss.
It felt like there wasn’t much heart put into the script/plan for this week’s episode. The first ten minutes were fine. I liked that they chose not to drag on the conflict between Iona and Maria, and had it resolved well before the end of the episode. But while that was a good thing, unfortunately it had became flat from that point on. It was just plain boring, including the fight. I found it to be very hollow, so much that I couldn’t bring myself to care about anything that was happening. The usual energy that contributes to our enjoyment and hype was missing. It is too bad because I think they could have made it more heartfelt and stronger since it was supposed to be reflecting how Iona is strong enough with her team to protect their city while her sister leaves to America.
Here I am hoping that there will be at least some sort of plot progression next week. But I can say I am looking forward to what appears to be a continuation development with Iona x Yuuya. I don’t expect them to be canon or anything of the sort, but I would be very happy to see that he wasn’t just a one time thing for the sake of awakening Iona’s Innocent Form. I am also crossing my fingers that Oresky will FINALLY be freed from the Dark Mirror’s clutches, but it might still be too soon. With only ten episodes remaining, there isn’t much time for filler- unless they have to drag it out if Happiness Charge is only going to go back into the Phantom Kingdom to rescue Mirage within the final two or three episodes.


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