So you know how I brought up the idea of the detective seeing his face last episode. I think I honestly figured out what happened up on that clock tower, there just wasn’t enough light for Detective Nakamori to get a good view. However, this episode that isn’t a problem. In the middle of a heist for a crown known as the Angel’s crown, Nakamori gets a light right on Kaito’s face.

Yeah uh, that’s really awkward when you’re over at his house for dinner the next day and he won’t stop staring at you like you’re some kind of crimi….wait a second.
So, Detective Nakamori expresses to Aoko his suspicions that Kaito is actually Kaitou Kid. Aoko is totally unwilling to believe it and spits out from nowhere that Kaito CAN’T be Kid because Kaito invited her out on a date on Sunday. The same date Kaitou Kid set for him to return for the crown.
Which he totally didn’t, because we cut to her inviting HIM out on a date on Sunday. Reluctantly he agrees. Of course, he knows this is because her and her father suspect him of being Kaitou Kid.

So their day at the theme park begins and wow, Kaito is like the worst person in the world to go to a theme park with if he’s in a bad mood. Of course, he’s just doing this to get Aoko to act like the violent tsundere she really is rather then the clingy girl she was pretending to be.
I have to admit, as much as she really rubs me the wrong way sometimes Aoko and Kaito are kind of a cute couple. She honestly cares about him from the bottom of her heart and he cares about her too in his own way.
So they go through their day and after they have the talk where she returns to herself, he’s a lot less stuffy and a lot more fun. The day ends with them going to a 3D movie, he tries to slip out by saying that 3D movies make him sick but she handcuffs him.


Wow, intense about proving his innocence much? Like, woah, handcuffs are a little over the top there Aoko. Did you steal those off your Dad or did you just have them lying around? If she just had them lying around I don’t want to know what kind of things she’s into. Anyway, Kaito slips out of the handcuffs and leaves one of his blow up dolls behind…wait did I have to say it like that…AH MIND, GUTTER, STOP IT.
So he has fourty minutes to get back to the 3D movie before Aoko will notice that he’s gone and it will screw him over. He goes to steal the crown, everything appears to be going well. When Detective Nakamori grabs him, gotta say, hiding under the thing to grab Kid like that was pretty clever.
Though not as clever as what Kaito does. As Nakamori unmasks him, we see…Aoko? Oh my god, this is brilliant! Kaitou convinces the inspector that he knows everyone in his life. His daughter, and Kaito included. So he convinces Nakamori that his seeing Kaito before was just another one of Kid’s many disguses.
No, seriously? That’s brilliant, because now Nakamori can never trust what he sees on a first glance. Even if he sees Kaito again, he will just think it’s a mask. I would of NEVER thought of dressing as the Inspectors daughter and convincing him I knew everyone in his life.

So right, after that brillant trick he only has 18 minutes to get back to the movie. This part of the episode is really rediculous and bends the rules of reality even for this show, like seriously, this fall should of at LEAST hospitalized him in this worlds logic. If not killed him in reality.
Welp, this is anime, where bandaids and cool warsh cloths fix everything. unless it’s plot disease, then you’re screwed.


So they finish their date on a super cheesey note and the episode ends with Kaito’s mom making fun of him for said super cheesey line. That ice cream did look really good though.


Next episode!? Ghosts? I didn’t even see him don the Kaitou Kid outfit in this preview. I am interested in seeing what kind of episode this is going to be. On a totally different note, is that blond guy from a couple episodes ever going to become relivant to the plot again? We’ll see…

See you next Illusion.