Magic Kaito 1412 ~Episode 8 [Red vs Blue…er…Red vs White. Sorry, got confused]

Tonight’s story is a story of horror, one of suspense, submitted for the approval of the Midnight Soceity. The Tale of Red vs White. Yup, that’s right everyone. The first part of this episode is based around a ghost story.

What is the episode really about though, well once I saw the title it took me all of about five seconds to figure it out. Can you guess? Go on, i’ll wait.



Yup, the ghost, the entire episode is Akako based. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, I find her to be a fairly amusing character overall and a good blanace to the romance between Kaito and Aoko. The only thing that really bugs me is her name, I mean seriously, Akako? They couldn’t think of a better name then “Red Girl”? You know what I see when I think of “Red Girl” some strange genderbent version of the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken!
And now you’ll all hate me for making you see something that can never be unseen, so I can continue on this review.

So Aoko hears a ghost story from her friend and she forces Kaito to come along to investigate with her, it’s Akako. it was really obivious from the start. Aoko passes out, Kaito and Akako talk. The mid-episode bit comes up and we’re all good. It’s the second part of this episode that’s worth talking about.


Akako is upset and jealous that Kaito is the one man that can’t be affected by his charms. The obivious answer to this? Kill him of course! Then there will be no man alive that can resist her. Woah, um, jumping the gun there a little Akako?


Well regaurdless she summons Lucifer to tell her the best time to bring Kaito Kid to his end. Wait, she summons…Luci….YOU KNOW WHAT? I’M NOT GONNA QUESTION IT. Still on the idea a world where a drug can age you down to a kid anything is possiable.
So of course, it’s on the next full moon which goes along with a heist that Kid is planning.

So she curses a necklace to possess Detective Nakamori to want to kill Kaito Kid and you know, in case that doesn’t work out, she’s there with a scythe ready to cut his escape rope. Because, why the hell not?
Well, the rope gets knocked loose. They both almost fall, Kaito saves her by being a sauve mo-fo. He charms her and moves along his merry way.


The big theme of this episode was what it means to be a kid vs what it means to be an adult and there is no real answer to either. Adults can act like kids, Kids can act like adults. I think the real lesson burried in all of this is to just stay true to yourself. Oh and if you were wondering what happened to the poor inspector…
Aoko knocks him in the back and shatters the necklace, so he’s doing just fine. Good thing for his violent tsundere of a daughter right?


Overall this was a pretty good episode, other then the fact instead of the noses being horridly oversized this time it was the ears. Like seriously, why do their ears need to be so big!? I know i bring this up pretty often, but whatever happened to that detective guy? They keep bringing back Akako but not him…it’s so strange. Oh well ~

See you next Illusion!



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