Psycho Pass 2 Episode 8 [I have never gone from love to hate so fast]

Is this a curse? Am I cursed? Is it the statement that when I use a shotgun any and all shows must become awful? Psycho Pass Season 1 was one of my all time favorite shows that I lovingly put in my top ten. Let me tell you something: Halfway through this episode I realized my earlier theory about a potential Makishima return was wrong. At first I was relieved, that would ruin the entire point of Season 1, but it’s far worse my friends. Everyone, I’m sure Midnight will be giving you an alternate view of the series in the series overview. But let me tell you this now: This is fucking shit.

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I hate this show now. Congratu-fucking-lations show! Unless you somehow pull a magical bullshit eraser out of your rectums I could not be less interested or invested in this shit. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Please tell me you are kidding me. I thought last episode was bad but no, last episode only implied things.

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The episode starts out by revealing Kamui is a ghost because he is literally Frankenstein. All those kids from the crash? Pieces of them were put into his body INCLUDING PIECES OF THEIR BRAINS. Kamui can’t be read because as his body grew and pieces of other people merged into his dna, he was literally a ghost. Now if this wasn’t bullshit enough, we do see the answer to my previous question: The holos were all people he ‘wore’ that scanned as those people. Now, that’s some bullshit and I’ll explain why later.


We see from the start with Mika that it was the Togane corporation who did this. That’s right, Inspector Togane is very expressly involved in all of this. His family put Kamui together and it was all in order to potentially create something known as ‘AA’. Mika is afraid of ruining her psycho pass but she gets an idea. I had hoped when I first saw it this meant she might now start relying on Akane, but nope!

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What we learn in the meantime of Kamui is he has been using illegal immigrants to manipulate powerful figures and impersonate them. He also uses medication and meditative techniques to calm the psycho passes of individuals. Okay, but he made it seem like freaky guru magic so I can’t exactly take that for pause. But you know what? How can I do anything but like Kamui when I know that he is the only genuinely decent person in this show besides Akane. Ladies and Gentlemen, they even introduce that there was another system that wanted to take down Sybil that got sabotaged. DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN THE PUNK SCI FI THEMES THAT RUN THIS SHOW? DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS LESS ABOUT THE DEEP INTELLECT OF PEOPLE AND MORE ABOUT BULLSHIT DRAMA AND PLOT TWISTS? WHAT THE FUCK SHOW!!!


It’s not even the worst part. First off, we get a scene where Togane is with Akane and I’m totally sure he’s going to be using her grandmother to ruin her hue. So that’s awesome.

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What do we learn next? Mika is a terrible fucking waste of space who writes a report against Togane AND Akane and says Akane needs to immediately be removed. Once she submits it though? My earlier fears are confirmed. No, this isn’t some terrible Makishima is really alive plot twist (which I knew would not be the case once I saw the nail painting) this is even worse – ladies and gentlemen, the current Sybil System brain in charge is Togane’s mother. Togane’s mother also created Togane to exist as a replica of AA, which we learn is the criminally asymptomatic gene. So in all likelihood Togane’s mother had some knowledge of sybil or the importance of it, or she’s just a crazy sociopath who wanted to make more crazy sociopaths. Togane’s mother’s entire goal was to do this, and she used Kamui’s body as a playground to complete this hellish nightmare. Eventually she as taken in by the system and is helping them evolve. So what are we learning? Togane is a crazy bastard who is WORKING WITH SYBIL, okay, we got that from the opening.

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When do we find this all out? When Sybil is bitchsmacking Mika and telling her they played her. But her hue isn’t bad so they plan to use her! And this is where the series died for me people: Togane and his mom and even Sybil are trying to take Akane down. That is literally pointless. She fucking told them, take me down, in season 1. They wanted her to evolve. Now they’re saying they want Mika to evolve, which feels like a pointless thrown in plot twist in order to make taking down Akane make sense. But it doesn’t! She is a perfect example of accepting Sybil, they need people like her. Mika is literally bitch crying and not wanting to know. I get that maybe they could use that as a test, but they need Akane as the control point! Not to mention, remember how I said earlier Kamui had all his holos have identities? If Togane is in charge she should’ve been fucking watching out for this shit! It makes no sense they wouldn’t check their people for a missing identity like Kamui who became a ghost! They didn’t fucking recognize a single person used in their Frankenstein project???

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They basically made Akane and Kamui their joint enemy. And you know what? This is a fucking terrible twist. I get that perhaps the Togane organization was interesting enough to them to thanks to their research. But to fucking induct all of these people, the woman and her son at the least, just to fuck up your own previously established important persons? Mika got what she deserved but she should have just been killed. There is no point to what they are doing. They are throwing Akane under the bus for no reason and trying to ruin her hue, again, for no reason. The entire point was ‘Fight. Fight Akane Tsunemori. Fight so we can further evolve.”

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Well she’s fucking fighting and you’re just throwing her under the bus! I get it show. Next week you’ll probably kill her grandma, kill Ginoza, and Kamui will save her. Who fucking cares? This is fucking shit! I’m so disgusted with this show right now. This is not the intelligent bravado. This is not the clever three way of idealisms. Makishima’s lucky he died, he got the fuck out of this pit of a series.



20 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 8 [I have never gone from love to hate so fast]

  1. I don’t really have a problem with this like you do. Mostly because the surgery experiment on Kamui reminds me of how a bunch of brains work together to be Sibyl. So incorporating parts of several human brains into one would likely change it as well. At least the guy admits this isn’t something that can be replicated and wouldn’t even do it a second time cause the chances are just that low.

    I think what they are trying to do, which honestly makes sense to me, is them trying to test Akane to see if she’s Criminally Asymptoniac, which is why Togane wants to paint her black. If he fails then they’ve got a new brain and the system evolves with her struggle amounting to nothing, or they succeed and she becomes a latent criminal.

    Also the whole point is that they want more brains to include in their collective. That’s why they incorporated Togane. The mother was one of them and the son is loyal to them. Plus being a hivemind all of them can essentially be his mom. That could just be sociopath Brain No.33 he’s calling mother and the brain of her.

    1. Just because you can reason it out doesn’t mean that it’s ‘good’. Just because you can connect the dots doesn’t make it ‘interesting’. And the lampshading of how difficult it is doesn’t do it justice, it’s literally just lampshading something completely illogical and making it ‘okay’ because of that.
      Of course the point is more brains. But the point is also making society accept and love the system so that new ‘Season of Hell’ type events do not occur. This episode alone supports that: the Season of Hell and Togane’s statement are both referring to making society accept them, not just getting more brains. Togane trying to make Akane into a new brain would be an ‘acceptable’ twist but what does it serve? What do we learn? This season strips the entire series of it’s meaning. It’s not meaning now. It’s just ‘them’ versus ‘them’ versus ‘her’. There is no sympathy, emotion, or reason involved. It’s just some blatant baddies going up against the anti hero and the main character who is losing her sanity. How is that ‘good’?

      1. I never said it was interesting or connected the dots. In fact the villains in Psycho Pass were always to me lackluster. I found Makishima boring, the Sibyl a bunch of brains who need to be taken down, and Kamui is a creepy Frankenstein brainwashing cult leader.

        They also need to get more brains to continue existing as a group. That’s why they wanted Akane to take Makishima back alive no matter what. Even the loss of one brain or a potential one is considered a major blow by Sibyl. They need more included into their collective along with their desire to evolve. Plus due to seeing him as being similar to Kogami, Akane is willing to trust his guidance or information, which could potentially backfire on her.

        Mika as much as I dislike her was able to sense something wrong with him just as she could the crazy lesbian at her school. Akane doesn’t see that because she’s trying to find a way to connect with Kogami in any way possible.

        1. At least we have that, then, hah.

          I admit Akane is blinded, but in a way she has to be. She has to both trust and dislike. If she falters, her hue will become clouded and her life will be over. She knows that. Not to mention her hue has risen to 60+ in the series, so I doubt she could actually be a brain.

          1. Actually I realized now that near the end they were testing the evolving bit. Since they consider Mika a perfect citizen since the knowledge she found didn’t cause her Hue to rise beyond 100 like it would most people, so they were testing how the full knowledge of Sibyl would affect her.

            1. Again, I realized that, but it doesn’t. . . it’s not really good for me. It’s more like, oh of course. All I’m hoping for Mika is it will make her stop being a damn tool towards Akane. Or she’ll be worse.

  2. I basically agree with you. I was actually liking this season until the end of episode 7. But now, it’s just like…REALLY? REALLY NOW?

    With Mika, I understand what she was trying to do. The reason why she was trying to get Akane terminated is because she was looking out for her. I don’t think she had malicious intentions. She read the info of Togane raising the hues of all the other inspectors he had been with, and she didn’t want Akane’s hue rising either. She also didn’t want to show Akane the info she had found in fear that her hue might rise from that too, so she made that report to the chief. Unfortunately that didn’t work for her, and it might have been better just to tell Akane in the first place.

    1. You have too much faith in Mika. If she cared about her, she wouldn’t have wished for her hue to rise. She might care, but most of it is wishful thinking and searching for validation by putting Akane down.

      Same point for me..the end of episode 7. . .just nope

  3. Honestly, while I was REALLY mad about Shimotsuki being a vindictive shit in her report, I kind of side with her. I don’t like the Akane of this season much. She doesn’t explain anything to Shimotsuki, nor does she take any of Shimotsuki’s suggestions. While there’s good reason for that, I don’t blame Shimotsuki for not even trying to tell Akane about Tougane.

    But yeah, this season in general is complete shit. I started feeling that way in episode 3. If I’m completely honest, I disagreed with your previous articles when you said this season was going well. I have a million and one issues with this season, but I won’t go into all of them, haha. But like you said, I just don’t see where this season is trying to go. Why the fuck would Sybil try to take Akane down now, when they’ve been working with/using her this entire time? She doesn’t pose a threat at all right now. In fact, she was more threatening in season 1, and now she’s more stagnant.

    At least this episode tried to clean up the shit a little bit though. This season will undoubtedly end as a disappointment no matter what though. Ubukata has completely ruined the season with cheap gore thrills and asspull plot twists. I wish Urobutcher had continued writing the season. I think it would have turned out a lot differently. :/

    1. This anime series is…was…one of my favorites. I wanted so badly to believe in this so I kept giving it every doubt I could, and I was absolutely wrong. This episode has destroyed any chance at redeeming this season. I will not be buying it.

  4. This season is like the second season of Black Butler. It just takes longer to get into the awful stuff. Unlikable new characters, plot holes everywhere, convoluted story, and me trying to pretend it didn’t happen

        1. I’m pretty sure, yeah. It’s kind of like when Aldnoah had a different ending for the season than he wanted. Meh, he’s writing the movie but this is..disgusting.

  5. *has given up on Psycho Pass season 2* At least there’s still the upcoming movie to hope for…right…right?

    1. I tried man. I wanted to believe. I was so so wrong to do so. I kept holding out thinking, if I dislike this it’s bias because my favorite character is dead. That blinded me to so, so much.

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