Psycho Pass S2 Episode 6 [ Sky Painted Black ]

The struggle between the Enforcers and the drones powered by unknowing citizens continues as Akane and her team are forced to try and reconcile the differences between what it seems Kamui’s goal is and what it actually is.

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This episode really brings out some interesting topics. For instance, we are really seeing some differences in type of villain. As a fan who loved Makishima, he was definitely my favorite, I think it’s far more appropriate that Kamui is so different. I’d have felt cheaped out on if they simply made Makishima with a different set of skins. In fact it feels like the reason Kamui as a character works is because he works on such a large scale in ways Makishima didn’t. (In other words, he isn’t a carbon copy of my boo.)

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Think about it, Makishima worked through people to do terrible acts. Kamui instead challenges the notion of simple acts – even simple things kill people and can continue to kill people. So far he seems to imply medicine is being abused and that is where most of his knowledge comes from. Gather this, if he is saying that even the absentminded actions like taking medicine can destroy you he likely wants simple pleasures in life to also be shown as more than they appear. It’s all a lie if you’re allowing death to occur.

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Kamui is so much more crass about it, but I think it works for him. By no means is he the tactical genius Makishima is, but he has Shisui so under his control it works. Shisui is in a sexy new outfit, by the way. We also see that in general dominators cannot read or see Kamui at all, so he took Shisui’s eye in order to use it. Uhm, can’t Sybil just disable Shisui as a valid user then?? I feel like that’s an inherit flaw in this. Maybe next week Sybil will explain it?

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The MWPSB decide that to end the attacks they have to show people the truth and undo the holo that is making them see the hungry chicken game. The best one to use is holo kid of course, and meanwhile it’s a struggle to make sure that Akane and the others can survive while they disable it. They realize there is one goal: Shisui and Kamui are hunting down the Enforcers to acquire their Dominators. Akane stops at nothing to make sure they stop the killings from continuing.

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But the best part for me was the realization that Togane is probably a complete monster. During the struggle he points the dominator at Akane from behind and finds her hue is clear. He remarks that it’s still as clear as the sky, “And that is why I want to color her black.”

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Holy fuck. This guy is fucking evil and the only person who might have a means of stopping it – Mika- actually has a disgusting moment where she says she hopes that Akane’s hue clouds. Yes, that is what Mika has come to. It’s so bad even SHE stopped to think about how terrible a person she was. She misunderstands why Akane’s hue is so clear or why she is important, and then fucking whines and complains about her responsibilities. Seriously. Saiga had to tell her to shut her face.

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So far this season isn’t Season 1. . . but I’m enjoying it. It has it’s own points and ideas I’m interested in. Some things I could live without, like the gross almost rapey desperate feel of Shisui so badly wanting to please Kamui. Kamui is so fucking creepy in his own way I like him, but his lack of grace is sometimes a sad reminder Makishima is not around anymore. I take it back though, the very best part of this episode was seeing Akane compare Togane to none other than Ko and refusing to allow him to shoot a gun because it might mean repeating what happened to Ko.

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Ladies and gents, Akane Tsunemori not being over Kogami Shinya and god neither am I, I feel like crying please send help. What can we expect next week? I’m kind of anticipating Mika might not say anything to Akane because she is spiteful. I’m on the edge of my seat thinking about what will happen next and honestly? I have no idea. I hope it keeps up the pace but gains a little subtlety, . . . because seriously.

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The boat is named What Color. Come the fuck on.


7 thoughts on “Psycho Pass S2 Episode 6 [ Sky Painted Black ]

  1. Oh my god the part where Akane looks at Togane and sees Kogami…I almost cried. Kogami, please come back!! DX
    Hopefully (this is me trying to be optimistic lol) we can look at this episode as a turning point for Mika; whether she decides to step up and improve herself or descend even further into her own abyss of loathing, however, is the question. I’m glad that Saiga chewed her out though. She really needed to hear it. So far she’s just been pissing me off and it frustrates me even now.

    1. Shisui would get jealous and his plan might fall apart. ‘Naw naw baby there’s only one easily convinced girl for me!’

  2. I know! Kamui is so creepy but so hot at the same time. Something must really be wrong if think that.

    As for the boat I smiled while watching Psycho-Pass 2 Episdoe #6. The boat is named What Color. The running theme of this sequel to Psycho-Pass.

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