am just completely speechless.

Every episode of WIXOSS makes me want to scream and grab my head and pace the room and hug all of these characters because it just keeps getting worse and worse for them THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS. We finally have the answers to how WIXOSS started, but it still leaves me with a lot of questions but I’ll save them for the end.

ssw8.11Iona continues her story about Mayu. Mayu was a girl that lived in isolation. She never left her house, she never left her room, she just stayed in her bed all day and stare at her windows. Someone, who would be her maid I’m guessing, would bring stuff into her room without her noticing or caring idk, like plushies, crayons, books, toys, etc. Mayu was an extremely lonely girl, and she didn’t know anything about the world outside. When picking up a book and reading it, she came across pages of greenery and other girls, the story dealt with girls’ wishes. One day, Mayu had gotten WIXOSS placed into her room and she tried to play, then finding out that it was two player, and she didn’t have anyone else to play with. But then, she imagined friends for herself. Two little friends, named Shiro and Kuro. The Girl of Light and The Girl of Dark, Tama and Iona. Both of them were the figments of Mayu’s imagination. She made up them being LRIGs, she made up girls being Selectors and having LRIGs, she made up the rules for Selectors, wishes, and WIXOSS. Mayu imagined everything. Of course, Tama and Iona had not been real, Mayu was just imagining them and talking to herself in their voices. Mayu kept this imaginary world and kept playing it, and slowly, her imaginary world was starting to become reality. Iona was sent to a girl, a Selector, and her life has been an endless cycle of becoming a human, to an LRIG, to a human, and so on. Things got weird when she, Kuro, had become Iona and her LRIG was Ulith taking the form of Iona’s past LRIG form (as Kuro).

Basically, all of WIXOSS is all of Mayu’s imagination. Tama and Iona had been part of Mayu’s imagination, and that’s what she meant when she called her her mother. So now, they just have to defeat Ulith so Iona and Tama can become together again and somehow save all the girls that became LRIGs, help the Selectors as well, and stop this WIXOSS game.

ssw8.31But Ulith is like hell no, and…corrupted Tama? I guess that would be the best way to describe it. Like Iona had became the impossible level 5, Tama did as well but against her wishes. When becoming level 5, her color palette went to black and she was just a completely different person. Tama was ruthless and beat Iona to a pulp. It was painful to watch. She beat her so bad, Iona was left unconscious with Ruko on the floor because her table thing exploded, and then Tama reverted back. She was distressed when she realized what she had done, so obviously Tama wasn’t conscious as Dark!Tama. The battle ended there.

Ulith and Akira head to a bridge together. Akira had just been a complete wreck this entire time. She lost it. Before leaving the classroom, Akira had grabbed a pen that was on the floor. Akira asked Ulith if she was unsightly, Iona responding that no she was beautiful and blah blah blah. Apparently other people had been sensing this, but when Akira stabbed Ulith with the pen, I practically fell off my bed. AKIRA STABBED ULITH’S SIDE WITH A PEN. HOLY SHIT. She was bleeding and hurting really bad and Akira left. She officially snapped. I know Ulith won’t be killed by that, she’ll probably limp somewhere or someone might find her and help her. Plus, it was her side, not her heart. But…oh my god?


So much happened in this episode that it felt like I had been stabbed with a pen too. Now…my questions. How in the world does Mayu know how to read? She was always alone, so I don’t think anyone taught her. Why was she isolated? The fact she had a giant room, a bunch of stuff, and a maid probably means that she comes from a wealthy family. Are her parents just neglectful? But she would be able to go outside even if they were, so it has to be something else. Is she sick? We saw that she had medicine in her room, so that could be a hint. Also, just HOW did WIXOSS come to be? Yeah, she imagined it, but how on earth did her imaginings, from a normal girl, become reality? Does she have some strange powers? Is her white room really just her own room?

And this brings me to some weird theory. Is everything happening right now, RIGHT NOW…is it all just Mayu’s imagination as well. Is all of this in some fake world or some trippy shit and Mayu is now becoming crazy, or is she dying? I just DON’T KNOW. Really, if it turns out everything is all fake I won’t even know how to react because it doesn’t seem that way. But maybe…all of this is just some sick imaginary story Mayu is making up. But really, I don’t know. I don’t know, man. This episode gave me heart palpitations. Plus, Chiyori is going to be battling again next episode. If she loses one more time it’s game over for her. GRRRRRRR.


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  1. Kira

    I don’t know what to think anymore, but I have the feel that Mayu isn’t human and she can’t leave the room :(.

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