Terra Formars Episode 8

This entire episode is centered on a character we haven’t had much information on, Adolf Reindhart. Out of all the backstories in this series (which isn’t too much…), I enjoyed this one a lot more probably because this one basically took up the entire episode. We learned a lot about Adolf, where he came from, and why the way he is. I didn’t really like him before, since he always mentioned people dying, but I grew to understand him more.

Adolf was sold away as a child. I don’t know which age, because he did mention his mother in this episode. He and many other children were part of experiments, and when a child had to be chosen, Adolf volunteered himself. The experiments he was a part of was the Mosaic Organ experiments. For every experiment, he had to go through shocks and shocks of electricity to grow a resistance towards it, and we see in present time as he and Isabella (one of the Mars members) fight off against the roaches, his animal is actually an electric eel (and not jellyfish like I guessed last week). He went through all this torture for years, and the shocks of electricity were so bad that they permanently scarred his hands and face, which is why he hides his face from the nose down with a high collar.

tf8.26During his college years, Adolf had usually been alone, when one day, he finds his source of happiness: a girl named Rosa. They had met and they were in the same Spanish class, and slowly they became friends. Rosa’s friends were surprised she was friends with Adolf, since they thought he was pretty scary. Soon he was surrounded by Rosa’s friends and other guys, and they all got along. Adolf had many friends because they finally got to know him. Rosa’s friends teased her about going out with Adolf on Christmas, since she was free that day, and Christmas also happened to be Adolf’s birthday. And so they both went out. They go to a museum, everything’s fun. And when they both head to the bridge during the night, Rosa kisses Adolf on the cheek. Adolf recalled his mother telling him to finding love like she had, and he did. He found Rosa, and he loved her. And he was happy. We fast forward, and see them at their wedding. A sweet moment. This was probably the happiest Adolf had been in his entire life, seeing how awful his childhood was going through those experiments.

But it didn’t last that long. You wonder why Adolf is so depressed and blunt. Fast forward again, and Adolf makes a terrible discovery. He’s found out that Rosa had been cheating on him multiple times. Rosa is on the floor crying, begging for forgiveness and basically giving him excuses to why she had an affair. I didn’t think Adolf would forgive her, but he did. They embrace, they say I love you, and that’s that. This is just me, but cheating is just unforgivable. But I understand why Adolf forgave her. He just wanted to keep hold to that happiness he found.


As if this couldn’t get worse, he and Rosa have a child. Adolf went to go get his baby tested, just to see if they had inherited the Mosaic Organs Adolf has (as we’ve seen is possible with Michelle). The woman gives back the results saying his child is in the clear, he didn’t inherit the Mosaic Organs. But…the baby also didn’t inherit anything from Adolf. Because Adolf isn’t the father. I could probably make a Maury joke right now, but this moment was so sad. There right then is probably when Adolf’s world came crashing down. That was the final straw. His wife had cheated on him, and the man she probably cheated with is the father. Adolf calls Rosa to tell him he’s coming home, and they say I love you again.

Just when things were going well for him, it all came crashing down. Adolf had been recalling all of these memories as he was fending off the roaches, and I think this is when he was finally taking out his anger of everything that’s happened to him. He never expressed anger towards his wife for the cheating, and I don’t think he even told his wife that he isn’t the father of their baby (I’m guessing since we didn’t see). So I think for the first time, he’s finally taking out his anger, and on the roaches.


It’s really sad. I was liking Rosa, but then I hate her for what she did. Adolf had gone through a lot, and when he finally found love and happiness, it crumbled from his hands. I can see why he’s the way he is now, and I’m glad we got backstory from him. I hope we can learn more from the other characters, but there’s only 5 more episodes left and there’s bigger things to focus on, sadly. Though it looks like we’ll get more on Adolf since the next episode sounds like it’s going to be about him again.


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  1. Thank for covering this anime. I never read the manga but am loving the story. Hopefully we’ll get a second season.

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