World Trigger Episode 4

–Hideki’s Review

Well back after this show had a week hiatus we now return to the adventures of Wet Blanket and duck face. Today’s adventure, “Curse of the Chastisement”

So our story continues where the last episode ended.

The “A” Rank people chastising wet blanket for using his trigger outside of training. Even though people would have definitely died by the time they arrived.

And to my shock and amazement, duckface actually says the same thing. He basically says “yeah if you guys wanted him to follow those rules so badly you probably should have gotten here faster.” Which i agree with. Point to duck face.

Duckface doing something cool: 3 Duckface being an annoying douche: 15

Duckface doing something cool: 3
Duckface being an annoying douche: 15

After this you think “oh, this whole little thing about him getting punished is over right?” NOPE! because then the bitch comes after school

(points) this bitch

(points) this bitch

and tells him that she’s going to escort him back to HQ to have his punishment dealt with.

See, I don’t get it. What the fuck did he do? okay he used his trigger out of training, but a lot of students would have died, no one got hurt, and the neighbor got killed. what the fuck is the problem?

And once again, duckface actually jumps in and basically asks her “What the fuck lady?” I do have to say that duckface earned some points in this episode for me.

It’s then that another Neighbor appears

Goddamn giant penis monsters

Goddamn giant flying penis monsters

So while bitchface decides to fight this thing, Wet Blanket goes to save people (gotta give him some props for this too) and with the help of duckface, they save a bunch of innocent people.

See this is what superman SHOULD have been doing in Man of Steel.

See this is what superman SHOULD have been doing in Man of Steel.

And that’s basically the end of the episode.

Biggest problem with this episode? At least half of it is them saying “oh geez wet blanket you’re in trouble!” so then they leave and then he talks to duck face about how he’s in trouble, and then he talks to bitch again how he’s in trouble…it’s literally 12 minutes of wet blanket being chastised for saving people’s lives. and it got a bit annoying.

When the monster came out…I really didn’t care at that point. I was like…..K.. my interest is pretty much gone. I was just glad that Duckface actually acted as the voice of sanity and said how stupid they are. Besides wet blanket was too busy as usual throwing himself in the pyre.

I do like that wet blanket enjoys saving people, but it’s SO over the top it’s kind of nauseating at times. We get it. you want to save people. Don’t be a Brynhildr character.

My only regret is that I can't sacrifice my life more than one time!

My only regret is that I can’t sacrifice my life more than one time!

This episode was a whole lotta nothing…so…not a whole lot to talk about.

However this episode I am starting a new thing. I call it “Duck Face Counter”

In every episode I will make a note of how many times he makes the duck face.

This episode? 7 Times.

All in all, boring…but not terrible

Episode 5/10


Heyo, Savage here. A lot of my thoughts on this episode fall under the same lines as Brandon. Now I do get the concept behind why trainees don’t go out and fight normally; they’re untrained, could accidentally hurt people or themselves, yadda yadda. And you don’t want to make it seem like its cool for rookies to jump in and get mauled by a Neighbor. There’s a few problems with this. 1. As I said before, if the trainees aren’t supposed to use their Triggers outside of training, why are they allowed to have them all the time? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to be at base so people wouldn’t be tempted to use them? Secondly, this rule seems to be very unspecific; situations like this should be case-by-case, to decide whether or not the person should have acted. If anything, it seemed like, as Yuma said, the girl’s just bitter about something and just is using the “he broke the rules” thing as an excuse.

Gotta say, not impressed with the monsters. So far they’re a big mouth, a different coat of paint, and a new means of locomotion. These all feel like mooks that will lester just be wiped out in masse later in the show. I can’t bring myself to care about Wet-Blanket because he’s just. so. boring. We get an idea for why he joined Border, but he’s just spinning his wheels and not showing a good deal of personality. He’s heroic…and thats it. Duck-face was actually refreshing as the point of reason and the audience in calling shenanigans on all this nonsense, but due to the monster attack, nothing really came of it. Now you can set your watch when a monster attacks in this show, and its going to have to do something impressive to surprise me.

~ Savage


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