Hey Danna Ga, did you miss me? I had to get through a soul crushingly bad episode of Daitoshokan, a horrifying episode of Denki Gai, and…well Vanadis in general, you’re still here for me right?

And to my relief, it was actually not a terrible episode. Thank. God.

So the episode starts out with the husband getting a visit from his mother.


She, as seen above is very happy to see that he got a job, but at the same time, wants to know when he’s going to have a kid. And funnily enough he responds with “but it’s still illegal to marry a grade schooler” haha. goddamn this show.

After she leaves he then decides with kaoru, talk about having a kid.


To which she also responds with “You can’t marry a grade schooler!” And he says “yep, you’re my wife.” okay, i love these two guys.

Thinking about it Kaoru goes to visit her friend who is a bit on the childish side herself. She says she would probably want kids herself but her husband hardly ever touches her that way. Kaoru says it’s probably because he’s afraid of breaking her.

It's good to know that SOME show around here can win some points.
It’s good to know that SOME show around here can win some points.

Returning, they discuss what they would name the kid if they had one. He suggests Shinji or Rei. (haha nice.) She says it shouldn’t be from an anime. But he tells her that basically all names are in anime. She asks what Kaoru’s from. Interestingly enough, Evangelion.


It’s around here when they both realize that they’re not really ready or mature enough to have a kid and decide they should wait.

End of episode.

See, I really do like this episode. It took the ideas of kids and actually dealt with it. Normally when people get together in animes its like “BAM! kids right away.”But here they actually take the idea of, “Are we really mentally mature enough to have kids?” And considering some of the ideas the husband has, i’m going to say no.

huh. um..
huh. um..

I like how they treat it as “We both have growing up to do, so lets enjoy each other.” They don’t treat children as if it’s a thing they really WANT to do, they treat is almost as a social obligation, which is something that is a problem now, especially in Japan. With a declining birth population in Japan, most media spins a romanicism about having children with 2 japanese parents and it’s very interesting to see a show that kind of talks about how maybe the pair doesn’t WANT to jump right into having kids right away. Maybe they WANT to grow up and learn more about themselves. I like this idea and I liked this episode.

Lol, so cute
Lol, so cute

Episode 8.5/10