Tis the season I suppose with a Christmas themed episode of Danna Ga! And by themed I mean they say it’s Christmastime. That’s about the only reason I know it is.

So if it wasn’t ABOUT Christmas then what happened? Well here’s the deal.

The episode starts out with the husband happy that his wife Kaoru will be home for Christmas as he usually spent it alone. However, he finds out that she has to work and he’s pretty devastated.

lol. he’s on a Christmas themed Google.

She recommends that he just play games for the day but he gets depressed very quickly and decides to go hang out with his wife’s friend’s husband. The wife’s friend doesn’t have a problem with that but informs him that he has to leave by 9 because apparently in Japan 9pm-3am on Christmas is the time of the year when the most sex is going on in Japan. Who knew?


They decide instead to make it a bit of a party and invite a few other people over. However, the husband is a bit depressed that Kaoru isn’t there and leaves early, deciding to bring her some cake at work.

But Kaoru happens to be leaving work at the time also having gotten cake and they bump into each other.

I'll say it again. D'awww
I’ll say it again. D’awww

They go home together and when it hits 9, the husband wants to do it, but she has to work tomorrow and is tired. So..she’s..apparently going to bed at 9 pm. um…okay?


And that’s where the episode ends.

This episode, while it was short and cute, it didn’t really feel to me like it had anything to do with Christmas. I swear, if they hadn’t SAID it was Christmas, I would have had no idea. It isn’t like that episode of Denki where the Ero G-woman was dressed up as Santa or there was snow or anything. We just had some cake and the Google background to elaborate on what it was, and as such, I didn’t really FEEL Christmas. I felt….a random episode with Christmas thrown in.

Still, it was an okay episode. I was a bit sad that there was no Kaoru for most of it, and the husband was sad for most of the time so it really wasn’t a comedic episode, but it was..okay.

Assholes made you work on Christmas? Jesus.
Assholes made you work on Christmas? Jesus.

It’s weird to think that I’m only going to get one more of these vignettes. I’ve grown fond of these little respites. True not all of them have been good, but overall, they’re refreshing to watch when I know I don’t have to watch and review an entire 20 minute long show. So far, they’ve been fun, albeit some more than others, but still, while the episode wasn’t amazing, it was still entertaining and I can’t wait for the finale next week. Because unlike Denki Gai, I’m actually gonna miss this one.

Welp, One more to go…

Episode: 7/10