It’s one hell of a time skip from New Years, as we move on to Valentine’s Day.

Until the very last minutes, and some minutes in the middle of the episode that were important, this whole episode was basically filler. I’ll start off with important, or at least what I think are important, parts. First off, finally they mention Crusty’s disappearance again because honestly where the hell did he go? The girl that was with him managed to get a prosthetic arm from another guild because she had lost it when trying to save Crusty. No one knows where he went or what happened, but they’re trying to figure it out. Even Lenessia is worried about him, poor babe spent Valentine’s Day alone. But really, where did Crusty and his crusty ass go? I’m gonna guess that he’s dead or something, because I can’t think of anything.


Two, from the time they turned off the magic circle from the city until now, nothing terrible has happened. Akihabara is still peaceful, and since most adventurers are higher levels, any monster that enters the city is taken out immediately. There are guilds rotating shifts to monitor the area, but so far all is fine.

In the very end, we go back to the fox girl and that blue-haired elf named Intix. I don’t know what her deal is, or everyone there, but apparently they don’t like fox girl at all. Intix said so many hurtful things to her, I don’t know what her deal is. But this just further proves that she’s no good at all. Also, Nureha (fox girl) has a thing for Shiroe.

lh13.2Which brings me back to the meat of the episode. Oh boy, it’s Valentine’s Day. So there’s this special fruit called the coconia fruit, which is coincidentally shaped like a heart. It’s a yummy fruit, but it’s flavor text says that if you give that fruit to someone on Valentine’s Day, they’ll admit who they like or something like that. So! You can guess what happens. Akihabara is selling these things, and basically everyone buys them because they sell out. Nyanta helps Isuzu make some sweets for Rudy, Marie makes some for Naotsugu, Serara wanted to but she couldn’t so she just got Nyanta some flowers, which was adorable.

Tetra butts in and mentions Kanami, the former leader of the Debauchery Tea Party guild, and asks Shiroe if she’s his girlfriend. This catches Akatsuki and Minori’s attention, and they rush out to get the coconia fruit too. But this time they work together. The adventurers that didn’t have any cooking skills were given an apron so they would be able to. Nyanta had one and lent it to Isuzu and then to Minori. Tetra had one and Akatsuki quickly took it from him, then following after Nyanta to help make something yummy for Shiroe. Btw, since Tetra is actually a boy and everyone except Naotsugu knows this (and Marie), I’ll be referring to Tetra with he/him pronouns now.

So blah blah blah all the sweets taste nice, but the thing is that the confessions of love aren’t just romantic. They can be anything. And whenever you eat something with the fruit in it, you get stunned and make a stupid face. Like with Shiroe, Touya walks in and asks what’s for dinner. Shiroe yells that he likes curry. Rudy eats the sweets Isuzu made for him, and he just yells that he loves everyone. Aw well. It was all for nothing basically. When Naotsugu was with Marie, he was about to say he loved panties but Akatsuki just teleported and kicked him. Typical Akatsuki.

No ‘pantsu’ on my watch

Oh, and there was literally a long line of girls waiting to give Soujirou a Valentine’s Day something. It was crazy.

I mentioned that I didn’t like last season’s filler episode, and I wasn’t crazy about this one either. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. I was expecting a little something with Rudy/Isuzu and Naotsugu/Marie, but nothing happened. So boo. Next week looks promising because we’re finally looking at a different server in China where that Kanami girl is. Finally gonna learn about her and see what she’s been up to.


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    The Shiroe Popularity between 2 small girl – Akatsuki and Minori is nice 🙂 .
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