Magic Kaito 1412 ~episode 10 [Mini-Sherlock Holmes appears.]

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Kaito was in Danger, a group of thives from his mothers past had him cornered! Not only that but Aoko was in danger as well! How will he get out of this one? Find out right here on this exciting episode of Magic Kaito 1412!

So, what happens this episode? Well Kaito manages to replicate the escape from 18 years ago, taking the car out the window, of course, sendng it through sideways. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I know. Because it’s insane!


Oh well, insane or not he pulls it off and dives out of the observation deck in the car, now all he has to do in uncuff Aoko and we’ll be….

His pocket was shot out and he’s without his lock pick….good thing for convenient plot hair pins. Without that they would of been in a lot of trouble! Well, now that they’re nice and safe I’m sure this is the last we’ll hear of all the stuff to do with the Phantom Lady.


Unless his mom asks him to return some things she stole back in the day and capture the rest of the guys inovlved with the scam she was involved with. Well then, instead of stealing now he’ll be returning things.
He sends out a notice and draws a large crowd. A crowd including…


Wait for it…


Wait for it….


CONAN-KUN! The crowd cheers, the fangirls go wild. The cross over has begun and now returning these stolen goods will be harder then ever! He must not just fool good ol’ Nakamori, capture the bad guys but he most also slip past his arch-rival!

This brings me to the only complaint I will probably ever have about this series, up until now it functions fairly well on it’s own as a seperate series from Detective Conan. You really didn’t have to be familiar with the other show. Even when it had th episode with Jimmy it was their first meeting so it sort of explained itself.
This one just assumes that you are fimilar with Detective Conan and if you aren’t well then screw you. It’s not a major flaw by any means and since I am more then a little sure everyone watching this has seen at least one episode of Detective Conan I can’t say it’s a huge issue.


However, on a bright side it seems like they really REALLY stepped up the animation for this cross over, no long noses or absurdly large ears in sight and there are many scenes I just had to stop and admire just how attractive Kaito really is.


This episode is a lot of set up for the next one. Between setting up the return and getting together all the tools for the show.

So, Magic Kaito vs. Mini-Sherlock Holmes er…Conan Edogawa! On episode 11 of Magic Kaito 1412.
The Illusion will begin next week!



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