Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9 [ Hahaha, no but seriously it kills puppies ]

Congratulations everyone! I know last season when Makishima was quoting the works of Philip K Dick you were all wondering, okay that’s some really cool stuff there. Got some bible references. Even got some electronic sheep. Okay so, I know, you were all waiting for the moment where there were real animals that were murdered on screen by this anime. Yes, all great animes kill puppies in front of you. Well I’m here to tell you that I am not joking and that actually happens. Yes everyone, Psycho Pass Season 2 has brought it full circle! It murdered puppies! You can all leave now, there’s nothing else left in this show! It’s too good for you. It’s too good for me. It’s too good even for Clementine the Frog.


See that? He’s totally crying. Because he is a frog and even he cannot enjoy the splendor of this show. Everyone, we have seen the splendor of this scripwriters soul. And it’s garbage. Just garbage. Puppy killing grandma mutilating illegal alien in bear burning garbage. You’ve got it everyone, this guy is finally so out of tricks he spent the whole episode trying to psych me out. Jokes on you, bastard, I watched Psycho Pass Season 1 and everytime that creepy bastard who hunted people was on, I cried like a whore bitch because he scares the ever loving fuck out of me.


I mean who the fuck needs to have tension right? I mean who needs it. Tension is stupid. I know I for one want to be in a place where I feel no danger is possibly real in any sense of the word. It was FAR less effective in season 1 when I could imagine myself being kidnapped and hunted by a crazed man who wanted to use my bones as a cigar pipe. Hah, well, lucky me everyone! This season really came through. It was really effective. Like, I’ve never felt less threatened. I feel more like a dinosaur with a tyrannasaurus rex wil come bleating through my television alongsise Captain Planet than I feel threatened or even amused by this show.


Oh but Oki? How could you feel this way? I mean, surely you’re not giving this writer a fair chance are you? I mean, it’s not like you sat through awkward and contrived episodes of another series this season only for your faith to be rewarded and you to praise it as if it earned it. No, you’re just bitter, sitting, watching this masterpiece that even frogs can’t enjoy. Hahahaha. Hahahahahaha.


Oh I hate this show. I can’t even tell you. I can’t even begin to explain to you how incredibly disappointed my heart  is at watching this vitriolic piece of shit that calls itself Psycho Pass Season 2. There is a beautiful anime in here. Somewhere in here, there was a sociopath who managed to pull off his special brand of crazy better than decades of anime had done before him. There is an anti hero, who struggles with justice and what it means. And there is a beautiful girl who tries and struggles with the nature of society to find what her life means and what her purpose is. One of those died. One of those had to leave their home. And the last one is the unlucky one, because she is still living in this piece of shit anime.


Oh let me tell you. The internet will tell you that Gen Urobuchi is perhaps just there to give you gore or thrills. But his season 1 of this anime broke me to tears, and allowed room for a dub that has lived up to all the best dubs in nature for years to come. His season 1 presented an original take on a very tried cliche of a villain, that kept me entranced to the very end. I cried and I sobbed as each moment passed, and I loved characters I knew were doomed only for either death or something far worse at the hands of their only belief and sense of freedom. I believed in this season, even when it was shit. I thought that there was no way that it could go downhill simply for lacking a writer.


Say what you want about Gen Urobuchi. When he wrote Psycho Pass Season 1, it meant something to people. People enjoyed it, and loved the characters. Their was a sense of meaning even if you hated the villains, even if you hated the entire concept, there was still a point you could see behind it. Having polarized opinions meant that it succeeded, because it was a story about people and the things they endured. It was about how you remain yourself in the face of agony and loss. This season tried to be that. This season opened essentially with that tagline.


There is nothing here for you if you enjoyed Season 1. There is nothing redeemable. This episode is a disgusting pile of filth that I wish I could say I would let my dog eat, but my dog deserves better than this shit. I wanted to believe that every aspect of this show could continue from the greatest things it did. You will find online that many people gave up long before I did, because I wanted to believe that this anime was something that it is surely not. Ladies and Gentlemen, this episode of Psycho Pass can be summed up simply: Everyone from the viewers to even the characters  are trying to be scared and horrified. The characters get so disgusted they all want to vomit. Again. The viewers, I assume, don’t give a single fuck.


You cannot write an anime based solely on scaring or horrifying people. Because when you have a psychological anime, if your deaths mean nothing then your show means nothing. In season 1 whenever a Dominator was used? I felt terrified. I was actually apalled to look at the screen. Seeing people die by dominator in this show? I don’t care. I’m used to exploding bodies. I’m used to baseless, pointless violence. Nothing has caught the unimaginable terror of Makishima Shogo slitting a girl’s throat in front of her friend in all of it’s run. You cannot mimic intelligence and thought provoking wisdom, with stupid ass bullshit gore.

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What’s that? I called everything this episode? Everyone’s trying to fuck over Akane. Mika has no meaningful reaction other than an almost clever nervous clap at the mere mention of Sybil. Where the fuck is the personal reaction by herself? Why aren’t we seeing more than random talks with Togane in order to judge Mika’s reaction? Where the fuck did this anime get the idea that I give a single fuck about Togane and his origin. No, anime, I’m sorry. You can’t make me give a fuck about someone you have shown to be an uninteresting and bland villain meant solely to be a pawn, but not even in an interesting way.


You remember Rikako Ouryou right? Well, she was a crazy bitch. I did not like her. But she was better than every personified villain in this show. Very few Psycho Pass minions or subordinates manage to fall short compared to the lackluster and boring performance that is Togane’s entire character. I feel so sorry for the wonderful, amazing, talented actors in English who are getting an amazing new experience of simulcasting a dub, to this anime. I hope that for every moment I did not enjoy this, they enjoyed it immensely. I hope someone, can find merit in this. Because I cannot find a single shred of hope besides knowing that the dub cast for this is simply outstanding. That’s all I can say. Yet, the Japanese voice cast is fine on it’s own, the problem will never be the talent, or anything, but the content.


The original Japanese writer of this show has failed his audience. This audience expects a degree of intelligence from this program. Now all we have is a gore fest that is meant to incite some baseless emotion. I am so sorry to everyone. I wish I could report to you that this anime was as amazing as the first season. I want nothing more than to say that this is an awesome experience worthy of every second you can watch. It does not give me a single bit of joy to tell you that this anime is garbage. I can rant on this site to a degree many cannot on other review sites, because we are a caricature meant to embody the funny ranting anime fandom and make people laugh.


I cannot make anyone laugh. I am bitterly, most thoroughly, absolutely disgusted with this anime. I waited every single week for just a chance to view what this anime would become, and what it became was nothing short of upsetting. It was not upsetting because the content was genuinely too thought provoking. The problem is the opposite. I can barely sum up to you the problems in this episode. A great example is that Akane’s grandmother is taken, and mutilated, and her ear is given to Akane as a warning to keep her from interferring. We all know this is just Togane’s action. I do not care. I should care for Akane, I should worry for her. I don’t. Nothing feels real in this. Nothing makes me feel like there is something wroth merit.


Please, please, Gen Urobuchi, if you were to ever read a single english fan blog about anime, please read this statement. I miss you. I am begging you to redeem the shambling corpse of this anime, with your touch. No matter what people said, your season one was something so special, the only thing good about these episodes are the traces of your anime that are hidden inside of it. As the show draws on, fewer and fewer references are made to anything old. Ginoza wasn’t even really in this episode, and in fact the focus of the episodes now tends to fall on the bad guys aka Sybil and Togane. I don’t know why Togane is a focus. Are they trying to make us feel bad? Are they trying to make us hate him more?

[HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 09 [720p].mkv_20141204_155806

I genuinely do not know where this anime is going. I have to follow it and tell you how it is. I would say the only worthwhile things are the times in which we can see Saiga shine. It is truly a shame that Saiga premiered in a season that was beneath him. I love Sho, I think he is great. I love when Akane can shine. But unlike in Season 1, the show is so in love with it’s villains (Kamui and Togane) that it’s more about them than even about Akane.


I know how hard it is to work in the anime industry. It is a terribly difficult profession. But the reason that the industry flourishes is because anime that captures our hearts and minds exist. There will always be silly and zaney anime, there will always be anime that is about psychological thrills, and there will always be an anime about things that change who we are. Anime is a storytelling medium, not a single type of story. I hate to be overtly critical when I am serious. I hate to point out things, and even hate to say something is irredeemable because as I have grown I have seen the effort put into everything there is in anime.


But this is not good. They kill animals and people on screen just to shock us, and it is to the point I feel nothing. Nothing about this anime is worth your time or your effort. I have given it the best and most fair shot that I possibly could. I was bored, angry, and mostly? Finally uninterested in any concepts that once made me feel excited and thrilled just to talk about. Please do yourself a favor, and don’t bother.



9 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9 [ Hahaha, no but seriously it kills puppies ]

  1. I’ve decided to drop this show. What a terrible second season. While Psycho-Pass isn’t my favorite show by Gen Urobochi (That would be Madoka Magica) I had appreciated his take on the results of a society where one could be judged by their potential to commit a crime with likeable characters, and moments that are well done being dark. It’s a shame that Gen Urobochi has become the cool thing to hate people saying “He can’t write characters, he tries to hard to be dark, he’s tottally unoriginal.” That’s not true. THIS is bad characters. THIS is trying to hard to be dark. THIS is shit. I swear if I ever hear ANYONE say Gen Urobochi sucks as a writer I will personally strap them to a chair and make watch both seasons of this side by side.

    1. Madoka Magica is also my favorite, but I agree. This is a perfect example of Gun Urobuchi’s writing, and how carefully he concocted really good ideas.

  2. You didn’t explicitly say it in the article so I’m not sure if you know, but Urobutcher didn’t write this season. Ubukata Tow was in charge of it, which is why it’s so terrible compared to s1. He filled it with, like you said, cheap gore and violence instead of quality content. I had SUCH HIGH HOPES for this season. If Urobutcher had written it, it would have been another amazing season to add to the second.

    I actually stopped caring around 12 minutes into the episode and stopped watching. Words cannot explain how ANGRY I was watching this episode. What pisses me off even more is that this season’s rating is pretty high despite how bad it really is. Maybe everyone’s in denial, but I’m willing to bet some people are blindly going along with the season without evaluating its quality in comparison to s1. None of the characters compare to the s1 villains. Even Senguji, who was a total creep, was a better villain than any of these s2 characters. Hell, I don’t even completely like Akane in this season, and that’s saying something. I’m desperately hoping this season doesn’t sour my impression of s1, because s1 was a masterpiece.

    1. It’s terrible how this sequel turned into a train-wreck all because someone else was in charge of writing it. It is almost like Aldnoah’s S1 Ending all over again (I say almost because I don’t know how much Urobuchi was involved with this season). I feel horrible for Urobuchi Gen, I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to see his amazing ideas burst into flames like this. But most of all, the biggest disappointment are the new writers, failing to do the series justice… and I find that is just really sad.

      1. Okay, I thought you knew (but I just wanted to confirm). 🙂 I actually seriously considered tweeting him or something to beg him to save the season. ;_;

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