Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 46

I have always enjoyed watching the Precures (or any character for the matter) forced to fight against the ones they love. It is my guilty pleasure, so I was quite delighted to see how powerful Dark!Seiji was. But I have to confess, I was hoping it was going to be Cure Mirage to be the one that saves the girls as oppose to Cure Tender. Having Cure Tender be the one to sweep in at the nick of time wasn’t a bad choice, but I thought it would be nice to have Mirage have a brief moment to shine in spotlight now that she’s saved. Heck, it would have been even nicer to have both of them step in since they were both saved by Happiness Charge. On the other hand, it was a nice touch to have the Precures from around the world to make an appearance, especially the Hawaiian Sisters, who frankly I didn’t expect to ever hear from/see again.

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 46 Img 0020Red was living the moment as he guilt-trips Megumi into devastation of being responsible for making Seiji vulnerable to him. He exploited the fact she failed to notice Seiji’s struggles and pain, which we (the audience) knows was Seiji’s intention as her well being was more important to him than his own. He is a man on a mission to fill the world with misfortune, starting off with Red Terribad Invasion as he slowly drops the Red Planet (wherever that came from) into their world to inflict mass destruction. So while he is laughing away and putting his grand plans into action, Dark!Seiji is single handily overwhelming Happiness Charge.

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 46 Img 0022I am glad that the girls had failed to rescue Seiji this episode because it wouldn’t have had the same impact. It was easier said than done when Blue told the girls that all they had to do was destroy the Red Crystal, the source that harbors Red’s deep hatred. However, when they tried to destroy it they couldn’t, and were overwhelmed by Dark!Seiji’s powers- so much that they were wiped out of their Precure forms (or more accurately: 1 HIT KO). The reason why Dark!Seiji is stronger than Mirage and Phantom when they were under Red’s control is because he took all of hatred he has towards Blue and the Precures, and entrusted it to Seiji. In a way he is serving as Red’s figurehead on the battlefield. So as result, Red had successfully shattered Megumi’s morale for a good moment. It wasn’t until Cure Tender swept in to save the day to give the girls the morale boost they needed to hear. She tells them that a miracle won’t happen on its own, they have to make it happen with their own hands.

I have always loved these quotes regarding miracles. It is something that everyone of all ages needs to hear every so often. I don’t know about you, but I have always found it has more impact having someone or a character say it directly or indirectly to you than to say it yourself.

By the looks of it, it appears that Seiji will most likely be saved within next week’s episode. I am okay with that because the show is almost over with the final few episodes now at our doorstep, it will be time for the ultimate boss fight to take place.
Speaking of which, after watching the preview for Go! Princess Precure, it has dawned to me that I am really going to miss Happiness Charge. ; v ;/


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