Wow, it took me no more then half a minute to look at this inspector trying to upstage Nakamori and go “WOW, you’re an asshole.”, I was sprouting all kinds of nasty language that a lady should never say. Before the credits even started, seriously, who shoots at a cat like that? I was scared he’d killed it. I think if it had of died I would of paused the episode, had to go for a long walk and then come back and swore like a sailor at this guy. Lucky, the cat didn’t die.vlcsnap-2015-01-26-01h24m08s188

So he proceeds to toss Detective Nakamori and the Japanese police on their butts. Wait, let me back up. So like in a previous episode a Princess of another country has brought a large jewel to Japan and of course, Phantom Thief Kaito Kid has sent out a heist notice. So Nakamori is there doing security detail. Now we fast forward to this guy, Delon kicking the Japanese police off the case.

The opening passes and we pick up at school where Kaito is reading the news about the Princess and Kid’s heist notice. Kaito makes an jerk of himself, Aoko snaps at him.unimportant, next scene please.

AH now this is the scene I was excited for, Kaito sitting down and having a heart to heart with Detective Nakamori and while it wasn’t the backstory talk I was hoping for. It was still really sweet, the detective tells Kaito that he’s almost about to be thrown off Kid’s case and how it would devastate him if he was.
Woah, um, I actually think he might kill himself if he’s taken off this case. This case has been his entire career, those years between the time it was Kaito’s dad and the time Kaito picked up being Kid must of been pure torture. We saw it in the Christmas episode, just how important this whole thing is to him.


He asks Kaito to show him some magic tricks since Aoko is always talking about them and he does, he explains the idea of drawing the eye from one place to another through deception and then brings up that Kaito Kid is also a magician. He gives Nakamori a good luck charm and leaves him.
Nakamori has an idea and stations his police in the building across from the one the Princess is staying in. He is determined to catch Kid in the act this time and won’t be fooled by his tricks with the advice that Kaito gave him about drawing the eye.


SO in the art exhibit with Shooty mcI’Mtriggerhappy face, Kaito pulls the wool over his eyes multiple times and sticks him in a room with a bunch of guards. It’s really interesting and I don’t feel like I would do it any justice just explaining the things he did, but the long and the short of it after impersonating a bunch of people.
So long story short, he ends up in the Princesses room and she’s not scared or upset at all. In fact, she’s excited she’s there because she’s been brought to Japan but totally locked up with nothing to do.


He asks her to assist him with a magic trick and runs her through a rehearsal as Delon McIhatehim comes up to the room. This is another part of the episode I don’t think I could do proper justice by just explaining the tricks to you. However, the long and the short is that Delon runs out the window and falls, Kaito checks the diamond and it’s not the one he’s looking for. The Princess has a good time, and everyone is happy….


cept for Nakamori, but wait. The princess exits the building crying that Kaito is in her room and she’s going to hide out in the annex building. That’s when Nakamori notices something very important, she doesn’t have her cat. She wouldn’t go anywhere without her cat. He jumps the ‘princess’ to catch Kaito and in the mess. Kaito pulls a trick and is on top of the light pole.
He gets away, but leaves the gem in the charm he gave Nakamori earlier painting Nakamori as the hero that saved the diamond.

"I've got you now, you cross-dressing fiend!"
“I’ve got you now, you cross-dressing fiend!”

This episode is cute and I love the relationship between Detective Nakamori and Kaito Kid. I honestly think Kaito would be a little sad if Nakamori was removed from his case. Nakamori almost literally can’t keep living on without being on this case, it’s just a beautiful relationship of sorts.

Next episode, a Conan cross over. Again? So soon? Alright, well i’m going to have to figure out where this cross over happens in the Detective Conan canon….