Maria the Virgin Witch Episode 2 [ Law of Humanity ]

I’m mad, and I don’t know how to feel about this. I’m mad that this show is kind of what I feared it would be, and kind of something worse. I’m upset watching it, but I don’t know yet if I have the power to stop watching. Namely, I’m referring to the handling of the Angel Michael and his spat with Maria.

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This episode proceeded much like the earlier episode did, there’s hjinks and mayhem until one plot line occurs and war starts up again. The episode has it’s ups and downs until then and for the most part Artemis is being too sexual, using her body to get information, and Maria makes an incubus without the parts because she hadn’t seen one. I don’t even know what to say about it because it gets very vulgar and at times outright unpleasant.

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But I have an issue with the war stuff, as we finally get to the Archangel Michael so we’re all expecting the YOU’RE A FOREVER VIRGIN NOW MARIA! No, no Michael basically comes. . .because it’s not cool Maria is saving people. I mean we all knew that was an issue but his reasoning is so hurtful as a person of faith I just look to this show and go ‘what?’ I’m on Maria’s side here, no one is helped because that is the natural law of the world. Maria steps in to save people and Michael is like, bitch no.

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What do I mean? Maria literally comes swooping in right before some soldiers begin to rape all the women in the village. I don’t know if you’ve realized this but rape in war was a common thing and it’s also the most disgusting thing anyone can do, not only am I killing your people and taking your things but I’m going to invade the bodies of your women and quite possibly force my children on them because I feel horny and power is sexy. No, fuck you, Maria was doing the right thing. When you get to the point little girls are praying and the only one who answers is Maria, the show is showing religion negatively.

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And well, I’m not saying I can’t handle that. What I can’t handle is ANY party coming in and saying, welp people just get raped and die that’s how it is. So what if it’s how it is?! If someone can help they deserve to, that’s all there is to it. The goodness in people is what saves us as a race, when people destroy and maim and hurt others and we show we have the capacity to demand that to stop. That’s the goodness in people, that’s humanity, and Maria saving people warrants her being struck down? No, I get it, ultimately I think the show is going to try to say that ‘it’s the test of people to show good or evil’ and that’s cool and all but it’s so fucking harsh.

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Maria the Virgin Witch has the potential to be good if it’s pissed me off this much. But the problem IS that it’s pissed me off this much. I’m genuinely upset watching it and if all the show devolves into is ‘I’m giving up my powers to fuck’ and not ‘I will let my powers go to be a human and live under the law of the world and show the goodness in others even without magic’ or something equivalent I’m going to rage quit. Seriously Michael, you’re supposed to be humanities homie here.

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Consensus? I’m upset. Will I keep watching? Let’s just wait and see.

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